Close to Completion: Curbly House Progress Update

It's been twenty days since my last progress update, and although that might seem like a long time to you, for me it has absolutely flown by with non-stop action at the house. We're really hitting the home stretch (is that pun? a bad joke? just bad writing?) now, and the whole team has gone into overdrive trying to get everything done. We're hoping to list the house for sale within the next two weeks, and I'm pretty confident we can do it … if everything goes right. Continue Reading

Considering a Home Rehab? Ask These Seven Questions First

This is a guest post from Curbly House partner and real estate investor, Jon Peterson.

If you’re following along with our Curbly House project, you know we’ve just embarked on a pretty ambitious home rehab project. We spent months searching for the right property, and now it’s time for the fun stuff to begin (demo, construction, staging). 

Have you ever considered taking on a similar project? It can be a very rewarding experience; you get to take a home that’s in poor shape (often vacant), and add value through thoughtful improvements. Continue Reading

10 Tips To Make Your Home Buying Process Go Smoothly

10 Tips To Make Your Home Buying Process Go Smoothly
Photo: Freshome

Buying a home can be scary. Trust me, I know… I've done it twice. But those have also been two of the best decisions of my life. So today I wanted to share some tips for ensuring that your home buying process goes as smoothly as possible.   


10 Tips To Make Your Home Buying Process Go Smoothly
Photo: Freshome

1. Figure out exactly what you want ahead of time. Make a list of “must haves” and “cannot haves” and think about the architecture style and location as well.

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8 Simple Home Upgrades You Can Do The Day You Move In

About to move? Do you mostly love your new home, but there are just a few things that are outdated and won’t stop bugging you?

Don’t worry, you can still love your house in transition. Here are eight simple (and mostly inexpensive) things you can do on (or soon after) move in day to help your house feel more like you.   



1. Upgrade your locks

I know this doesn’t have a huge impact on your home, but upgrading your exterior locks will help you immediately feel secure in a new space. Continue Reading

Thinking of Buying an Old Home? Here are 13 Questions You Need to Ask Before Making an Offer

13 questions to ask yourself before making an offer on an old house.

The allure of an old home? Definitely the charm and character. Old homes were built to last, the materials are usually higher quality, and the handmade details just can't be found in new developer builds. My husband and I have more than ten years of professional and personal experience in renovating old homes. We are not experts, but we are professionals, and I would love to share a few things we have learned from renovating old homes.     Continue Reading

Simple Updates You Should Do Before Your House Goes On the Market

Simple Updates You Should Do Before your House Goes On the Market

Springtime is almost here, and that means the real estate market is about to pick back up in your area. Are you planning on putting your house on the market? Today I want to share the suggestions and tips I use to help my clients get their homes ready to put on the market.   


1. Paint your front door.

This is an easy way to make your house stand out right from the beginning. Don’t be afraid of color, but make sure the color fits within the context of your home’s exterior. Continue Reading

12 Staging Tips to Sell Your Home

12 Staging Tips To Sell Your Home

Buyers expect a lot from houses today, which makes selling your home a little bit of a challenge. Here are photos of actual homes that were staged to put on the market this year, and the staging tips that helped them stand out. These 12 simple staging tips can help your home be the house everyone wants to buy.   


1. Freshen up your curb appeal.

The front of your house is the first impression not only at a showing, but also online.  Continue Reading

Tips for Selling a Home

created at: 05/30/2012

Ruth and her husband have sold the last 2 homes they’ve owned in less than 15 days. Clearly, they are doing something right! If you’ve got a house on the market, keep reading!

Ruth is a big believer in home staging. With a $1,000 investment in neutralizing and staging their home to attract buyers, they had an offer within days. Meanwhile, a similar home in their neighborhood that was NOT staged, remains on the market months later, even with a $20k price drop. Continue Reading

That’s a Bathroom?

created at: 01/11/2012


Of course it’s a bathroom. The sinks, shower stall and tub give it away, but I did a double take when scrolling through the home’s on-line tour. I bet you’re wondering what kind of house would sport a Carara marble master bath with a white leather chaise? A Mediterranean estate located in Santa Barbara, CA currently for sale for 8 million dollars, that’s what kind. For that chunk of change you’d expect a great view, right?
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For Sale: 10′ Wide Home

Located in the Cole Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, this 2004, 10 feet wide, 1,030 square foot home has everything a home twice its size has and a lot more. Its large windows and skylights make it seem much larger than its diminutive dimensions suggest.  So how much will this little slice of heaven set you back? A cool $849K. Visit this page for more info and to take a must-see tour.

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