IKEA Hack: TARVA Nightstand Gets Tech-Friendly

IKEA HACK: Tarva nightstand gets tech-friendly with built-in charging station

Hide ugly cords by your bed with this IKEA nightstand hack!

Before I bought this nightstand, I had never stepped foot in an IKEA (gasp!). It wasn’t for lack of wanting to, I just never had the opportunity before. As a former small-town gal, I haven’t lived within driving distance of an IKEA up until I moved to the big city (more specifically, the Twin Cities) about a year and a half ago. Since moving, I’ve been putting off a trip to the IKEA because I know myself too well. Continue Reading

How to Turn a Shoebox into a Charging Station

A decorated shoebox turned into a portable electronic device cord keeper.

Practical, good-looking and cheap. A nice combination of adjectives if there ever was one, and they all apply to this cord keeping/charging station. It’s about as low tech as you can get for your high tech stuff. The best part about the project is we have most of what we need to make it already on hand.

Supplies include:

  • one clean, sturdy shoebox
  • leftover wallpaper or fabric
  • tape measure & marker
  • X-Acto 
  • spray adhesive
  • extra-large eyelet kit, which you can find at the hardware store

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