Old Wood Board Gets New Life as a Gorgeous Coat Rack

An old wood board gets new life as a rustic DIY coat rack
In partnership with The Home Depot

We're getting into chilly season here in the Midwest. I'm being lazy about the transition this year – I've pulled out all my jackets and coats, but have yet to put away my shorts and sandals (this means my place is a mess with clothing everywhere). Whether you're part of the four-seasons crew like me, or you just want extra space to hang hats and outerwear, a well-placed coat rack is a thing of organizational beauty. Continue Reading

How to: Make a Dining Room Table from Reclaimed Wood (for $50!)

created at: 02/24/2012

HI! I’m Rebekah from Potholes and Pantyhose where I share and photograph detailed tutorials of my DIY projects, recipes, photography tips and remodeling endeavors. 

I like to re-invent and create things around my home and I also love to fill up a person’s belly until they are beyond full…and then heap a dessert on top. A large dining room table, with the ability to seat twelve, was a dream of mine. So, I decided to make it a reality -a beautiful, unique and inexpensive reality. Continue Reading

Reclaimed Gym Floor Wall Hooks

created at: 11/10/2010Reclaimed gym floor wall hooks??  How clever!  Before you grab your wallet and get to ordering though, check out how to create a reclaimed wood wall treatment.  Totally adaptable to a wall hook feature, right?  If you’re itching for some color, mask off a similar design and grab your favorite spray paint.  Easy.  Done.

For instant gratification, you can purchase the above pictured wall hook from UncommonGoods for $125.

How To: Make an Awesome Wall Treatment with Reclaimed Wood

In today’s video I show you how to do your own Reclaimed Wood Wall. This is a project I have been wanting to do for months and am so thrilled with the result. My husband and I were first inspired by The Antonio Treatment, an HGTV show starring a laid back kinda punk rock/metal dude who does everything green and features his dog Chewie a lot. We dig him. Antonio does BIG heavy hauls and revamps and shows glimpses into the projects, without doing big DIY tutorials. Continue Reading

Hardware Store Decor: Plumbing Parts Tables


More evidence that hardware stores ROCK! Graphic design studio, Oat, fashioned some fabulous tables out of plumbing parts and reclaimed walnut. I particularly like their coffee table creation. You can read more

about Oat and the tables at AT.


Want to learn how to make other cool & designer-y items from things you can buy at any old hardware or big box store? Then you’ll want to nab a copy of Make It! Hardware Store Decor, the newest addition to the Curbly how-to library!  Continue Reading

Salvaged Window Greenhouse


MWT and I are in the throes of constructing a garden shed (more on that later…much later). We’re building it for storage and to add interest to our property, but if we were in need of a greenhouse, I’d totally want to make one out of reclaimed windows, somewhat like this little number. Note the door and the roof too!  For more info, follow this jump to re-nest.


How to Web and Rebuild a Chair Seat

created at: 2009-05-20

So you found a fabulous chair by the dumpster. It’s unique, solid, and the price was right. What a find! The only problem is that you need to rebuild the entire chair seat, jute webbing and all.

Where do you begin?  This is fairly simple if you can see how it breaks down in three parts.

1. Re-web the seat

2. Add a piece of burlap

3. Cut and add the foam

You’ll need:

jute webbing

a web stretcher

electric or pneumatic stapler





electric knife

The Webbing:

1. Continue Reading

Garbage Day Rescues Get Re-Do


This before and after is the reason why we should all keep our eyes peeled on garbage day. Rescued from the curb-side (they had a ‘free’ sign attached to them) the chairs fell in to capable hands. The shoddy paint job was sanded down and covered with a black, low-luster, latex. The cracked seats were repaired with glue and clamps and then hidden with a lovely black and white fabric, which was applied with artist’s medium. Continue Reading

Re-Gifters Rejoice!

Re-Gifts isn’t just a cleverly named gift shop; it is a small, family-owned store located in South Minneapolis that sells eco-friendly gifts “made with recycled, reclaimed, repurposed, organic, and natural materials.” Check out their on-line store for a growing selection of products available. Here are just a few very Curbly items.

Bicycle Cog Votives, 12 bucks each.

Recycled Chopstick Lamp, 36 bucks.

Absolut salt & pepper shakers, 16 bucks. (Made with airplane-sized bottles, of course.)