How To: Fuse Plastic Bags + Make a Sunglasses Case!

Reuse and recycle: Make fabric from old plastic bags

As Earth Day approaches (mark your calendars! April 22nd!), I’ve been thinking about ways to reduce and reuse the things I don’t need in my life anymore. I’m pretty good about recycling what I can – cardboard, papers, and bottles go in the curbside recycling, and compost I take to the local natural foods store. Plastic bags go to grocery stores with those plastic bag bins up front, along with other random thinner plastics like cereal bags, plastic wrap, and bread bags. Continue Reading

Use What You Have: Practically Free Upcycled Organization Ideas

Underbed storage

If you've ever gone on an organizing spree, I probably don't have to tell you that the cost of stuff to organize your stuff can really add up. But if you want to get organized on a budget, your best bet is to create solutions with things you already have. Things that might instead end up in the trash or recycling, so you're saving the planet at the same time. These upcycled organization ideas for every room in the house prove that with a little creativity, you don't have to spend big bucks to create an organized space.         Continue Reading

Four Quick and Clever Ways to Reuse Old Corks

Four Quick and Easy Ways to Reuse Cork

If you love drinking wine as much as you love crafting, then we’ve got some good news for you! Those natural corks that you might otherwise throw out can be re-purposed in a lot of different ways. Here are four wine cork projects that you can easily complete in 10 minutes or less each.       

Project #1: Succulent Planters

Four Wine Cork Projects: Succulent Planters

Before we get started, let’s answer a question: What exactly is cork? Turns out it comes from the cork oak tree, which is native to southwest Europe and northwest Africa. Continue Reading

How to Transform a T-Shirt: Three Ways

T-Shirt DIY Ideas: How to Transform a T-Shirt Three Ways

The moment the temperature outside starts reaching 90º is the same moment I start reaching for my scissors. Not a summer has passed where I haven't cut the sleeves off a tee or turned jeans into jorts (isn't that the best word ever?). With some scissors and a bit of thread, you can turn a boring tee that you may have otherwise thrown out into your new favorite top. There are a million ways to cut up and refashion a t-shirt – here are three of my favorite t-shirt DIY ideas.        Continue Reading

10 Bright + Colorful Projects to Use Up Leftover Crafting Scraps

10 Projects To Use Up Leftover Crafting Scraps
Photo: My Poppet

If you’re like me, you probably have a craft closet full of leftover supplies from past projects… yarn scraps, small pieces of fabric and lots of random bits of paper. So today we’re going to share ten genius projects that will help you use up those scraps – which will also help you get your space organized! Read on to check them out.   


10 Projects To Use Up Leftover Crafting Scraps
Photo: Lebenslustiger

1. Find out how to make this beautiful wall hanging out of yarn scraps here. Continue Reading

How To: Make a DIY Asterisk Clock (for under $10.00)

created at: 04/12/2011

There’s nothing like an iconic mid-century classic to set your home apart. Your home can be as contemporary as can be, but add even one Saarinen or Eames piece to your space, and you’ve connected with a movement. You’ve invested in a piece that, fifty or sixty years later, looks as elegant, playful, and amazing as it did when it was first unveiled.

‘Cept, here’s the deal: these guys can be expensive. While you’re paying for comfort and style, you’re also paying for the time of some of the most talented artists of the 20th century, quality materials, and, true, some copyright. Continue Reading

Turn Your Trash into Holiday Gift Wrap

See this gift? See how it’s all pretty and shiny? Would you believe me if I told you it was made from… trash?! That’s right! You won’t believe what this package is wrapped in!      

 If you can, take the recycle route when it comes to gift wrap this holiday season. Drawings Under The Table shares how you can create gorgeous holiday wrapping with an item most likely found in your trash! This present is wrapped in a potato chip bag! Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Chevron-Patterned Reclaimed Wood Planter Box!

created at: 03/27/2012

I spotted this  a w e s o m e  reclaimed wood planter box idea on Pinterest today (Are you following us? We’re pinning like mad!) and I couldn’t wait another second to share it!   

Seth and Desiree from the Zelo Photo Blog created this delightful little planter box to house their growing avocado tree.  They built a simple cedar box then clad it in reclaimed wood.  I love the effect of the old painted pieces and the playful chevron pattern, don’t you??   Continue Reading

Make It: Salvaged Door Coffee Table

created at: 03/21/2012

I’ve got a joke for ya. When is a door not a door? When it’s ajar! Also? When it’s an awesome DIY coffee table! Read on to see how a $10 door became this fantastically upcycled piece of furniture.

door to coffee table makeover

For 10 bucks, Cane and Rita picked up this 5-panel door. They knew they needed 3 panels for the tabletop and 1 for each side. 

door to coffee table makeover

Their blog post takes you through the build step-by-step, including deconstructing the old door, adding a shelf and casters, and sealing the perfectly chipping paint.   Continue Reading

This Month in Green Design: Modern Mason Jars, A Real Functioning Moat, & The Verticality of Vegetables

created at: 03/13/2012

Over at EcoSalon this past month – where Shelter is where the heart is and the green is always greener – we obsessed over Pantone in theory (the app) vs. practice (the hotel); celebrated Valentine’s Day like practical gals and fixed up a broken heart; font-renewed and blissed out; voyeured our way into the homes of some of our favorite design bloggers and curators and prodded the real life ethics of one of America’s most up-and-coming box store furniture purveyors. Continue Reading