Get Organized: DIY Hacks to Curb Office Clutter

DIY hacks to curb office clutter

The festive season is usually a busy one, and if you’re anything like me, this leads to a serious build-up of mess around by the end of December. Which isn’t great when you’re trying to get back to work in the new year. All those bits and pieces left lying around can clutter up your head space as well as your office space, affecting your productivity!        

DIY hacks to curb office clutter

The good news is that it’s really easy to organize your desk and get the year off to a fresh start with a few quick and simple office hacks that won’t break the bank. Continue Reading

70 Amazing Apartment-Friendly Decor Projects

70 amazing apartment decorating DIYs to totally transform your rental space!

If you're currently renting an apartment or studio, you might feel limited in the projects you can undertake. Not true! There's no reason let the homeowners hog all the fun. While extreme renovations like tearing down a wall are definitely out of the question, there's no end to the amount of landlord-friendly do-it-yourself projects out there. For those of you wondering how to decorate an apartment, we've rounded up 70 of our favorite rental-approved DIYs. From temporary transformations to space-saving projects, there's lot of DIY to go around in the world of apartment decorating. Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Upcycled Water Bottle Chandelier

created at: 05/09/2012

Part installation piece, part upcycling genius, this DIY water bottle chandelier is a cinch to make!   


created at: 05/09/2012

Party decor and DIY queen Jordan Ferney created this unique, hanging objet d’art from discarded plastic bottles (and a few coats of colorful spray paint). While this version isn’t a functioning chandelier in the traditional sense, it wouldn’t be difficult to string some low-wattage holiday lights throughout. (I’m thinking white bulbs with white strands/wires would look best here.) What do you think? Continue Reading

DIY Idea: Painted Teacup Planters

created at: 04/16/2012

These teacup planters would look absolutely adorable on a kitchen windowsill or even on your desk in a sunny office!   

A trip to any thrift store will yield teacups by-the-dozen and for CHEAP. You can also snag new ones from IKEA for not a whole lot more. After that, it’s all about using those porcelain paint pens (from that awesome painted plate project), and going to town with a custom design! Check out how Whitney from SewTrashy created her cute teacup planters right here. Continue Reading

Roundup: 8 Clever DIY Ways to Organize Your Recycling

created at: 03/12/2012Around here, we take recycling very seriously.  My sweetie even takes things to work that can be recycled there that can’t go in our weekly curbside pick-up. With so much to recycle–and to know what goes where–we need to have a recycling system. A few months back we did treat ourselves to Simple Human’s Rectangular Recycler. (Which, BTW, if you’re going to buy one, buy it at Bed Bath and Beyond and use their 20% off coupon because, otherwise…ouch.) Continue Reading

Roundup: 5 Totally Awesome Leftover Wallpaper Projects!

created at: 02/15/2012

After under-ordering the wallpaper for our little half bath a few years ago, I was super paranoid about not having enough when we put up this bold, colorful pattern in our guest room.  Turns out, I completely over-ordered and now we have practically a whole roll sitting unused in a closet somewhere.  I’ve been itching to put it to use in a fun and creative way–and I think I may have hit the jackpot with these five DIY ideas!    Continue Reading

How To: Make Easy DIY String-Wrapped Bottle Vases!

created at: 01/29/2012

I love fun and easy repurposed decor projects and these colorful string-wrapped vases certainly fit that bill!  So save up those empty glass bottles, Curbliers.  It’s time to turn them into something pretty (and useful)!   


Rachel Smith, an extremely talented illustrator and the blogger behind Penelope and Pip, shares this simple DIY project.  All you’ll need is a few empty glass bottles, wool yarn (in various colors, weights, etc.), and some trusty Mod Podge.  Check out Penelope and Pip for Rachel’s tips (and beautifully photographed steps) for getting the yarn/glass/glue combo to work just right! Continue Reading

DIY Idea: Turn Jeans into Textural, Recycled Wall Art!

created at: 01/16/2012

We’ve made bowls and bins from jeans, but now it’s time to make a little somethin’ somethin’ for those bare walls: highly textural and striking recycled denim wall art!   


This DIY idea comes from Bel Rossa Boutique, a blog and Etsy shop featuring hand-crafted textiles created from salvaged materials.  Inspired by the book “Layered, Tattered and Stitched” by Ruth Rae, these denim canvases are pretty simple to make (although a little time consuming)!

created at: 01/16/2012

While there isn’t a tutorial on Bel Rossa, she suggests cutting your denim into strips and then sewing them one-by-one onto a fabric backing, working in layers.   Continue Reading

How To: Turn Cardboard Boxes into Colorful DIY Shelving!

created at: 11/28/2011

After Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, chances are your cardboard box collection has grown exponentially.  Before you start tossing boxes out (or recycling them, hopefully), consider this clever reuse project: colorful DIY shelves!   


created at: 11/28/2011

This idea is perfect for kids rooms, craft rooms, or any small space that needs a little oomph and extra storage.  The creative minds behind Danish magazine Bolig Living share their process for creating these DIY shelves right here.   Continue Reading