19 Totally Unexpected Ways To Paint Furniture

19 Unexpected Ways to Paint Furniture

We all love a good furniture makeover, and these don’t disappoint! Get prepared to swoon over these 19 furniture pieces that have been painted in totally unexpected ways. Each piece is inspiring because they’re extremely unique. If are you’re looking for ways to make over your latest thrifted find, these painted beauties will inspire you!


1.  Color Blocked Painted Furniture

If a furniture piece has the right structure, color blocking in a muted shade is a simple and stunning method of painting. Continue Reading

Before & After: A Bright and Sunny Office Redo!

created at: 05/09/2011

This small home office was in a sad, styleless state with its pale blue walls, uninspired flooring, and a mishmash of furniture.  The after is anything but!  

created at: 05/09/2011

Though small, this space gets ample sunlight, a feature that homeowner Kim Johnson (of Desire to Inspire fame) wanted to emphasize with white floors, walls, and ceilings.  To make her home office even brighter, she added a collection of colorful furniture and accessories.  The combination of stark white and bold hues results in what may be one of the cheeriest home offices ever! Continue Reading

Ikea Hack: Rast Dresser Makeover.


Ikea’s Rast dresser/side table/nightstand is a solid wood gem at only $39.99 USD. Lindsay from Penny People upped its knotty pine finish up a whole heap of notches with this simple update. This is what Ikea Hacks are all about…or, in this case, a thorough un-Ikea-ing.

“I was flipping through my latest issue of Style at Home Magazine last week I came across a set of side tables that were PERFECT for our bedroom. Continue Reading

How To: Rainbow Garden Furniture.

Check out any ‘design on a budget’ book. When pursuing the question “what’s the biggest ‘bang for your buck’ in home decor?” the authors will almost always answer, “a $20.00 can of paint.” And is turns out, they’re right.

Case in point: Maddylane’s rainbow-coated garden furniture redo, with a lovely chocolate trim. Just look at the photo below for the contrast in color and texture. The worn, water-soaked wood from before looks dingy and dangerous, but with the bright splash of the spectrum, a monumental shift. Continue Reading

How to Web and Rebuild a Chair Seat

created at: 2009-05-20

So you found a fabulous chair by the dumpster. It’s unique, solid, and the price was right. What a find! The only problem is that you need to rebuild the entire chair seat, jute webbing and all.

Where do you begin?  This is fairly simple if you can see how it breaks down in three parts.

1. Re-web the seat

2. Add a piece of burlap

3. Cut and add the foam

You’ll need:

jute webbing

a web stretcher

electric or pneumatic stapler





electric knife

The Webbing:

1. Continue Reading