Close to Completion: Curbly House Progress Update

It's been twenty days since my last progress update, and although that might seem like a long time to you, for me it has absolutely flown by with non-stop action at the house. We're really hitting the home stretch (is that pun? a bad joke? just bad writing?) now, and the whole team has gone into overdrive trying to get everything done. We're hoping to list the house for sale within the next two weeks, and I'm pretty confident we can do it … if everything goes right. Continue Reading

Remarkable St. Louis Restoration

created at: 05/24/2010

Fellow Curblier Ben gave me a heads up of his ‘little’ makeover project: a once uninhabitable property in St. Louis. Thanks to Ben and Heidi’s incredible vision and hard work, the old brick girl has been reborn into a majestic stunner. Here’s just a few before and after pics, but I’d encourage a visit to the couple’s website that documents the remarkable transformation. The website, btw, is entitled 3 Walls. Can you guess why?   

created at: 05/24/2010

‘Kitchen’ before. Continue Reading

Five Ways to Break a Bad Habit Without Using a Shrink

created at: 2009-06-22

Recently I’ve become aware that I’m smack dab in the throes of developing a full blown bad habit. What I once considered nonsensical to participate in, I’ve slowly submitted to. It’s the constant checking of email, Facebook. Curbly posts, Apartment Therapy…I knew it was bad last night (Father’s Day) when I left Mr. Mod to fix his own meal while I frantically checked Facebook for some old high school friends who had contacted me. (Shameful cry for Help!!!) Continue Reading

More Closet Organizing Tips.

Shopping Blog Shefinds suggests: “organizing your closet doesn't have to be a nightmare. If that dark hole of disorganization is not the sanctuary it could and should be, then you've come to the right place. Turn a can of sardines into a spacious stylist's mecca and spend merely a fraction of what you'd pay for a custom-built closet system. We've found the products to help you make sense of all your clothes and accessories no matter what your budget or your space restrictions. Continue Reading