A Shiplap Accent Wall Totally Transformed This Ugly Basement Room

Sponsored by The Home Depot

Hey everyone! If you were following along closely with the Curbly House makeover, you might have noticed a room missing from last week's full reveal: the basement! This room was pretty grody (is that a word?) when we bought the house, so when The Home Depot asked us to do a room makeover using their shiplap appearance board product, we knew it would have a big impact in the space. But even we weren't prepared for how much better the room turned out. Continue Reading

A Stylish Rental Kitchen Makeover on a Tight Budget

This little kitchen was the remaining evidence of an attempted house flip gone bad. The old home had great bones, but a few serious structural issues, discovered once the previous owner/flipper opened up all the old walls. The kitchen became too much for them to handle, and that’s when we stepped in. 

When we found the house, we knew most of the renovation budget would go behind the walls (plumbing, electrical, structural repairs), so the kitchen finishes would have to happen on a serious budget. Continue Reading

Before and After: Garage Turned Minimal Mini House

created at: 09/27/2012

Sometimes a garage is just a garage and other times a garage is a miniature modern house just waiting to happen. In this case, it’s the latter, which means I probably need to pack my bags, move back to Seattle and into this (now) house.   

It’s not actually available, but I’m just crossing my fingers that designer Michelle de la Vega needs a few roommates (my husband, my dog, and I) in her fully functional 250 square foot space. Continue Reading

Before and After: Cozy Kitchen Turns Light-Filled Modern

created at: 09/24/2012

I actually like this kitchen makeover before the remodel even started, but once I took a look at the new cooking/entertaining space, I was hooked on the ‘after’. You’ll have to take a look at the new space to understand what I mean; but wow,  a new layout and a full wall of windows does an awful lot for a small space.   

created at: 09/24/2012

Suzanne Brown’s kitchen was cute and cozy before, but lacked additional counter space and could use a little more natural light. Continue Reading

Before and After: Drab 1950s Kitchen to Modern Farmhouse Feel

created at: 07/11/2012

I love finding before and afters that are such a huge transformation, you can hardly tell it is the same space. This kitchen makeover is going to have you doing a double take.   

created at: 07/11/2012

The Oshawa, Ontario home of Michael and Sara Penney received a top to bottom makeover from the new owners. Every room has been redone, but my favorite transformation is the kitchen, with sleek subway tiles, a pale green backdrop, and honeycomb tile flooring. Continue Reading

An Unbelievable Row House Makeover!

created at: 02/22/2012

Holy horror!  This dilapidated row house looks like it was infested with an entire host of, I don’t know, crack heads?  Feral cats?  A possessed goat or two?  I’m going to go with “all of the above” because these pre-renovation photos are SCARY.   


A few more “before” photos to whet your appetite (or maybe make you lose your appetite? Probably the latter…) because I love you and want you to truly appreciate this makeover.

created at: 02/22/2012

Ah, that should do it.   Continue Reading

Best of Curbly: Top Ten Bathroom Makeovers of 2011!

created at: 12/21/2011

From low-budget, quick-fixes to full blown renovations, we’re counting down our top ten bathroom makeovers of 2011.  Check out our picks below and let us know which memorable makeover is your favorite!   


created at: 12/21/2011

10. A little bit of paint, new hardware, and a framed mirror will have your bathroom looking like new by the end of a weekend.  See more here.

created at: 12/21/2011

9. This rundown bath got an inexpensive makeover with some paint and a new faucet!   Continue Reading

Best of Curbly: Top Ten Kitchen Makeovers of 2011!

Best Kitchen Makeovers of 2011 (sponsored by Caesarstone)

It’s Top Ten time, people!  We’re celebrating a year of inspiring makeovers and DIY ingenuity with a look back at some of the biggest and best kitchen updates of 2011.  From minor to major, we’ve selected the ten most impressive kitchen transformations of this past year.  Enjoy!   



created at: 12/20/2011

10. This kitchen started pretty much as a blank slate, but with a lot of work (and a whole lot of paint) it became a portrait of the homeowner’s personality!   Continue Reading

Before & After: A Stunning Kitchen Makeover!

created at: 11/14/2011

I’m not going to lie, this ‘before’ photo is a little scary… and probably a little sticky.  And smelly, too.  And, well, there’s a whole lot o’ yellow going on up in there.  The ‘after’, though?  Oh, the after rains down buckets of awesome–and wipes that sticky, smelly, yellow mess right off the map!   

One more “before” for good measure:

created at: 11/14/2011

Aaaaand the after:

created at: 11/14/2011

What!  How is this even the same place?!  Walls have been removed, ceilings raised, and, after 17 months, the makeover of all makeovers has been completed.   Continue Reading