Renter Friendly Wall Art: Make Your Own DIY Removable Vinyl Decals

Photo by Holly Wade

If you're a renter who isn't allowed to paint, I'm with you. If you're too lazy to paint, I'm also with you. It's hard to make your home feel like “you” when you can't change your walls, but at least one renter-friendly way to change them is with vinyl decals! You've probably seen some versions of them in stores, but you can easily make your own custom wall decals at home with any type of adhesive vinyl without causing damage to your walls. Continue Reading

Renter Friendly DIY: Utilize Wasted Cabinet Space with a Removable Dry Erase Board

Renter-friendly solution: Removable white board (hidden out of sight!)

Renting is a struggle sometimes because I often want to turn my home into my own, but renting limitations tend to get in the way. Although I can hang things on the walls, the cabinets are strictly off limits because the holes are impossible to fill when we move. Instead, I settled for a renter friendly DIY to make a removable dry erase board inside of one of my cabinets using vinyl. Now, I can write my grocery lists and other notes right in the kitchen where I need them, but the vinyl peels away easily when it’s time to make the move.            Continue Reading