Keeping a Kitchen Renovation Tidy

The Trimaco foot guard in action
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 When working on a remodel project, there's nothing worse than construction dust falling on every surface in the house. One of my current kitchen remodel clients is interested in being eco-friendly – and has several pets – so it's important to her that the dust is contained to the construction zone. We knew we needed something better than just taped-up plastic, so we were thrilled when we found the Trimaco E-Z UP dust containment system, with floor guards and surface protector. Continue Reading

A Shiplap Accent Wall Totally Transformed This Ugly Basement Room

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Hey everyone! If you were following along closely with the Curbly House makeover, you might have noticed a room missing from last week's full reveal: the basement! This room was pretty grody (is that a word?) when we bought the house, so when The Home Depot asked us to do a room makeover using their shiplap appearance board product, we knew it would have a big impact in the space. But even we weren't prepared for how much better the room turned out. Continue Reading

Close to Completion: Curbly House Progress Update

It's been twenty days since my last progress update, and although that might seem like a long time to you, for me it has absolutely flown by with non-stop action at the house. We're really hitting the home stretch (is that pun? a bad joke? just bad writing?) now, and the whole team has gone into overdrive trying to get everything done. We're hoping to list the house for sale within the next two weeks, and I'm pretty confident we can do it … if everything goes right. Continue Reading

Kitchen Ideas for the Curbly House Project

Curbly House II - Kitchen Inspiration
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We’re making headway on the Curbly House and the next two weeks will bring about a big leap in the transformation we’ve been dreaming about. We spent much of the last week trying to finalize our choices for kitchen cabinetry, countertops, appliances, and fixtures. While the room reveal won’t be ready until later, I wanted to share a peek at what inspired the design.  

Inspiration for the kitchen remodel

Curbly House Kitchen Inspiration - Gray Island

Photo: Decor Chic


Curbly House Kitchen Inspiration - Gray Cabinetry

Photo: Domino


We loved the idea adding gray base cabinets to the kitchen island, while keeping the rest of the cabinetry white, but in the end decided to stick with one color. Continue Reading

Why the Curbly House?

I'm not sleeping all that well. I wake up in the night – the sound of thunder, my kids coughing, a truck going by – and when I try to go back to sleep, my thoughts run wild. Will the kitchen cabinets ship in time? How are we going to pay to move that ventilation duct we unexpectedly found? Why isn't that house down the block selling?

These are the sleepless thoughts of someone in the middle of a house flip. Continue Reading

Destruction! (Just a Little) – Curbly House Week One

Well, folks, it's official! Jon* and I signed the closing papers last week, and we are now the proud owners of the new Curbly House! Now all we have to do is put in a new kitchen, renovate the bathrooms, add a new back door, replace the HVAC, finish the basement, improve the landscaping, and figure out how to get a parking space into the back yard! No biggie.

*Reminder: Jon's my partner on this project; he's a real estate investor with knack for DIY projects and a love of old houses in need of TLC.
Continue Reading

Say Hello to the 2017 Curbly House

2017 Curbly House

Y'know, it's weird. For the better part of a decade, Alicia and I have made a living by (I hope) making spaces beautiful. But we've never really embraced that as our job. We've always viewed as “we run a blog, and we get to do room makeovers sometimes, too.” This year, we're embarking on a totally different project: a complete home remodel of a property that we don't plan on living in.

See, earlier this year I got to thinking, there are only so many spaces in our own home that we can work on. Continue Reading

Tips For Landlords to Make A Rental Property Renter Friendly

We are a DIY culture, therefore, landlords are not necessarily unknown people who seem intimidating. Landlords are more than likely a next door neighbor…or maybe even you. My husband and I are landlords. Our goal is to make our rental property a place where people really want to live. Here are some budget friendly updates that, in our experience, have renter appeal. If you do only one or all of these things your rental has serious potential to be “renter friendly” for the longhaul.    Continue Reading

A Cramped Kitchen Gets A Massive Overhaul

After: A Cramped Kitchen Gets A Massive Overhaul
Photo: Faith Towers

Yesterday we showed you what this Newton, Massachusetts kitchen looked like before – cramped, outdated and not very functional. But just look at it now! Light, airy and perfect for hosting friends and family. Keep reading to see the rest of this beautiful space.   


After: A Cramped Kitchen Gets A Massive Overhaul
Photo: Faith Towers

Owners Julie Watts and Bob Cohen worked with Boston architect Jim Higgins to rethink the entire space, taking out walls, adding a window and even removing a doorway. Continue Reading

Before and After: A Kitchen Transformation For Under $200

“It’s amazing what a little paint can do.” I’ve said it before and it’s totally true when it comes to this gorgeous kitchen makeover. With a few coats of paint and a few other updates, this kitchen is on trend and fabulous-looking. The best part? The whole thing was done for under $200!!!      


Melanie of You Are My Fave shared the recent renovation of her friend and graphic designer, Kirsten. Kirsten loves her home and is slowly kicking out the builder-grade and bringing in her own aesthetic. Continue Reading