Make a Modern Bench Made from Old Fenceposts

created at: 11/25/2010

Who would have thought that 4″ x 4″ rotten fence posts could shape up and look so flippin’ great?  This repurposed bench project on ApartmentTherapy instantly snagged my attention. And to think I almost called a guy to haul away our old fence posts that are heaped on the wood pile.  This project was done by the bloggers over at The Brick House. They used the metal bases that came off their old Eames Surfboard Table but I’m sure I can find a unique base with a day or two of vintage scouting. Continue Reading

ReStyle an Old TV Cabinet

created at: 08/23/2010


Remember these? You may have had to pay someone to take yours away. They use to hold televisions back in the olden days before we had flat screens. Here’s a new and refreshing way to restyle one of these old behemoths.  Stylist Shannon Fricke useda variety of different wallpapers and turned this old thing into a pretty, functional linen closet. Nice job repurposing Shannon.

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