13 Things You Can Just Go Ahead and Throw Away Right Now

New Years Cleaning Challenge: Get rid of these 13 things cluttering your home

It’s a new year. Now that the dust has settled, you want to maintain the great start you’ve accomplished. That means you gotta make like Elsa in Frozen and just “Let it go! Let it goooo…” That’s right, I’ve caught the purging bug, and I’m talking about getting rid of clutter. After the materialist pressure of the holidays, it always feels good to go through your home and do a quick purge. This January, take on this cleaning challenge and get rid of the unnecessary. Continue Reading

Home Decor Hack: How to Transform Any Vase into a Savings Bank

 Transform any vase or jar into a coin bank.


On my New Year’s Resolutions list, there are always some standards: Drink more water, eat out less, exercise more, and save money. I have gotten pretty good at most of these things (with the exception of eating out less – does ordering more takeout count?), but I could always stand to save more money. Holding onto loose change is my go-to method for putting a little bit of dough away every day, but there’s always the question of what to keep all those loose pennies in. Continue Reading

Five New Year’s Commitments that Will Make Your Home a Happy Place

New Year's Resolutions for the Home

When I think of “home,” I always start with a visual picture: the layout, the colors, and all the “stuff” that makes it so unique. But, of course, my real concept of home doesn’t have anything to do with the physical structure or the things that sit inside it.  Home is a sense of peace and rest I experience by myself and with my family. And it’s the place where I nurture relationships, and build community. Continue Reading

How To: Make New Year’s Resolutions Subway Art

created at: 12/26/2011
Whether it is spending more time at the gym to get rid of that last bit of baby weight (hey, it is a little harder after the third baby!) or organizing your photos, we all tend to make resolutions at this time of year.  But how good are we at keeping them?   Here’s an idea to help us in the making and KEEPING of our resolutions.    Ashley wanted her family to see their new year’s resolutions on a daily basis so they would remember to actually keep them, and her solution was simply to display their goals on a tastefully painted piece of wood in their home.  Continue Reading