Make a Tufted Velvet Flower Pillow as Good as Urban Outfitters

Tufted velvet flower pillow project
Photo by Holly Wade

I have a pillow problem. Anywhere I go, I instantly want to look at the pillow section and leave with an armful of pillows I DON'T NEED. It never stops me, and one of my favorite places to pillow shop is Urban Outfitters, which is where I stumbled upon these velvet flower pillows with tassels. Since velvet is my go-to fabric this time of year, I fell in love with the pillows and decided to practice self-restraint, telling myself I could make one and save a few bucks. Continue Reading

Shopping Guide: 10 Textiles To Indulge Your Modern ’70s Side

Shopping Guide: 10 Textiles To Indulge Your Modern '70s Side | By Curbly #vintage #textiles #decor
Photo: Anthropologie

This just in… the '70s are back! Okay not exactly, but we've noticed a major trend lately – modern '70s style textiles are popping up all over the blogosphere. Think vintage but with a modern twist. We're loving this boho chic look, so today we're sharing ten of our favorite picks.   


Shopping Guide: 10 Textiles To Indulge Your Modern '70s Side | By Curbly #vintage #textiles #decor

1. Woven Janet Throw Blanket

This cozy looking blanket has all the fantastic '70s-style fringe you could ever want, with a slightly modernized color scheme. Continue Reading

17 Ways to Introduce this Trending Pattern into Your Home

Selection from the Unmagic Eye Exhibition by Spencer Harrison and Billie Justice Thomson; Photo by Bri Hammond
Selection from the Unmagic Eye Exhibition by Spencer Harrison and Billie Justice Thomson; Photo by Bri Hammond

The home decor world is operating mostly in throwback-mode right now. What used to be tacky is now tasteful, and looking dated doesn’t matter as much. Walk into any big box store like Target, West Elm, or CB2, and you’ll see interpretations of designs and color schemes that originally surfaced over 30-40 years ago. From the resurgence of treatments like terrazzo to the re-introduction of wicker, what’s old is new again. Continue Reading

How To: Floor-To-Ceiling Retro Diamond Pattern Without Wallpaper

diy geometric sharpie wall patternForget wallpaper! That’s a thing of the past, at least when it comes to this amazing geometric printed wall! Can you guess what it was printed with?!      

 I’ve seen Sharpie Paint Pens used for a lot of neat projects, but this one takes the cake. Though it took some time (10 hours) to create, it cost only $10 and seems like it costs hundreds! Visit Vintage Revivals to see how she did it and you can too! Continue Reading

Countertops with Personality


If you read my blog post (and resulting comments from my fellow Curbliers) about granite countertops, you’ve discovered several reasons why a lot of people hate them. High on the list were coldness, chipping and its ‘busy pattern.’ I’m going to throw out another reason not to like it: It’s not FUN. What would constitute a fun countertop? How about these very retro solid surface specimens:

 Pictured above, with close-up below, is Formica’s Citron Ice. Continue Reading

How to: Make a Colorful Bottle Cap Tray

created at: 11/08/2011

I’m sure there are some of you out there with a great bottle cap stash, or could easily accumulate caps after a party of some kind.  So, what can you do with so many caps?  How about your own custom serving tray?    After a few colors of spray paint, these caps were ready to be set into something called Acrylic Water (I’d never heard of it- yes, sometimes I live under a rock).  A 48-hour wait later and you have a one-of-a-kind tray! Continue Reading

Before & After: A Magical Caravan Makeover!


created at: 06/30/2011

Whether you call it a caravan or a camper, there’s no denying that this makeover is downright magical!  

created at: 06/30/2011

And by magical, I mean you can almost see the pixie dust floating around the edges.  I LOVE IT.  Bright, bold hues are my favorite kind and I love seeing them applied in unique ways, i.e. to a 1964 caravan.  This particular traveling wonder belongs to Kris Wade, the owner of The Best Little Vintage Van in Vegas*, a mobile boutique that sells hand-picked vintage wares.  

Continue Reading

The MadMen Effect: The TV Show’s Mid-Century Impact on Home Decor

As AMC’s Mad Men emerged as one of television’s most beloved and well-recieved dramas, its stylish, 1960s aesthetic crept into our lives in other ways: women’s dresses moved towards the high-waisted, eyeglasses became fuller and more austere, and many developed a new interest in the classic cocktails and high-balls from the two-martini lunch era.

And of course, the wonderful set dressing and styling has had quite the impact onto trends in home decor.   The latest issue of the UK magazine MidCentury features an article entitled “The Mad Men Effect,” in which author “Huma Qureshi assesses the impact of this stylized drama on our home décor.”  Continue Reading

How To: Convert a Secondhand Cabinet into a Bar

created at: 10/28/2010

On Tuesday, I gave you some of the elements that go into Building a Mad Men Bar, and today we are going to transform this vintage wooden piece into our own.

Our vintage wooden bar, before we did anything to it.  

I’m loving the bold look of black and white chevron pattern and want to combine this secondhand dark wood cabinet with a chevron pattern to create my own Mad Men-style bar.

Chevron patterns are my inspiration for this makeover.

To create a chevron paint finish you’ll need:

Supplies you'll need for this project.

To get started, lay out your drop cloth in a well lit and highly ventilated area. Continue Reading

Build a Mad Men Bar with Vintage Cocktail Ware and Classic Recipes

created at: 10/26/2010

If all of this talk of fall entertaining drives you to drink, never fear, that’s all you really need to be a great host. Building a stylish & chic bar can be your biggest asset during the cold and cozy seasons. Nothing welcomes someone into your home more than a freshly-poured drink on the rocks in a classic highball glass.

created at: 10/26/2010

I’ve assembled most of our barware from Etsy. Vintage highballs, drinks carts and ice buckets that would fit nicely in Don Draper’s office create an air of elegance we’re sorely missing these days. Continue Reading