How To: Fuse Plastic Bags + Make a Sunglasses Case!

Reuse and recycle: Make fabric from old plastic bags

As Earth Day approaches (mark your calendars! April 22nd!), I’ve been thinking about ways to reduce and reuse the things I don’t need in my life anymore. I’m pretty good about recycling what I can – cardboard, papers, and bottles go in the curbside recycling, and compost I take to the local natural foods store. Plastic bags go to grocery stores with those plastic bag bins up front, along with other random thinner plastics like cereal bags, plastic wrap, and bread bags. Continue Reading

Old Wood Board Gets New Life as a Gorgeous Coat Rack

An old wood board gets new life as a rustic DIY coat rack
In partnership with The Home Depot

We're getting into chilly season here in the Midwest. I'm being lazy about the transition this year – I've pulled out all my jackets and coats, but have yet to put away my shorts and sandals (this means my place is a mess with clothing everywhere). Whether you're part of the four-seasons crew like me, or you just want extra space to hang hats and outerwear, a well-placed coat rack is a thing of organizational beauty. Continue Reading

Four Quick and Clever Ways to Reuse Old Corks

Four Quick and Easy Ways to Reuse Cork

If you love drinking wine as much as you love crafting, then we’ve got some good news for you! Those natural corks that you might otherwise throw out can be re-purposed in a lot of different ways. Here are four wine cork projects that you can easily complete in 10 minutes or less each.       

Project #1: Succulent Planters

Four Wine Cork Projects: Succulent Planters

Before we get started, let’s answer a question: What exactly is cork? Turns out it comes from the cork oak tree, which is native to southwest Europe and northwest Africa. Continue Reading

Incredible Pallet Projects – DIY Pallet Bookshelf, Bike Rack and More

Pallet projects are an entire internet subculture of their own. We've been covering pallet projects on Curbly for more than ten years, but this incredibly versatile and affordable DIY technique never gets old. Here are some of our all time favorites. 

Wood pallet projects - bookshelf and bike rack

Not only do these pallets have a new life, but they ADD life to this living space. The orange 'frame' is a perfect touch too. The installation on the left has an artistic quality about it as well, no?  Continue Reading

DIY Idea: Painted Teacup Planters

created at: 04/16/2012

These teacup planters would look absolutely adorable on a kitchen windowsill or even on your desk in a sunny office!   

A trip to any thrift store will yield teacups by-the-dozen and for CHEAP. You can also snag new ones from IKEA for not a whole lot more. After that, it’s all about using those porcelain paint pens (from that awesome painted plate project), and going to town with a custom design! Check out how Whitney from SewTrashy created her cute teacup planters right here. Continue Reading

How To: Turn Button-Up Shirts into Throw Pillows!

created at: 03/12/2012

Curbly reader Chrissann sent me a link to her awesome DIY pillow idea recently and I am SO glad she did!  It is the single most creative (and cute) repurposing project I have ever seen.  Also?  Her “before and after” photos totally cracked me up:   

created at: 03/12/2012

See?  Ha!  Anyway, Chrissann had the most brilliant idea of turning her husband’s worn out shirts into these perfectly quirky throw pillows.  Aren’t they adorable?  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • clean, ironed button-up shirts (one per pillow)
  • pillow forms
  • sewing machine or handheld stitcher
  • scissors
  • pins

Once you’ve picked out which shirts you’re going to use, check out Chrissann’s how-to over on Ducks in a Row! Continue Reading

Roundup: 9 Cool & Creative Uses for Old Coffee Cans

created at: 02/27/2012 

My mom and dad–and grandma and grandpa–all shared the same obsession with empty coffee cans. They didn’t meet one with which they could part. It’s rubbed off on me, I’m afraid. Conversations surrounding the topic in my house go something like this:

Him, while holding up an old coffee can stashed in some corner of the basement or garage: “I’m recycling this.”

Her: “No! That’s a good can.” 

Him, while rolling his eyes: “Fine.”

But, seriously, a good coffee can or two can translate into some really cool stuff. Continue Reading

Roundup: 5 Totally Awesome Leftover Wallpaper Projects!

created at: 02/15/2012

After under-ordering the wallpaper for our little half bath a few years ago, I was super paranoid about not having enough when we put up this bold, colorful pattern in our guest room.  Turns out, I completely over-ordered and now we have practically a whole roll sitting unused in a closet somewhere.  I’ve been itching to put it to use in a fun and creative way–and I think I may have hit the jackpot with these five DIY ideas!    Continue Reading