Upholstered Junk

How’s this grab you? Never in all of staple setting days have I thought of converting a galvanized steel tub into a button tufted ottoman. Kudos to Katie of ReCreate for her Way Out implementation of sheer cleverness. That’s not all…. 

How about illustrating your newly obtained upholstery skills by turning a flea market suitcase into a charming little chair or settee?  It looks fairly straightforward. I can envision a tricked out version of this in a child’s room. Continue Reading

Make a Recycled Onion Bag Scrubbie

What can you do with these empty onion bags? I usually toss them but I’m now on a personal challenge to save money on household cleaning products. (I’ve been shocked at how much I’ve been spending on this stuff.)  Ta Da! Make your own scrubbies. Mr. Mod is always blaming me for throwing away his sour milk smelling green scrub pads. I can’t imagine the bacteria that lives in our green kitchen pads. You may have to eat alot of onions, but you get free scrubbie materials at the same time. Continue Reading

Furniture Recycling: What Goes Around…

 created on: 12/26/08

 Still oozing with holiday generosity? Clean up and declutter your space, load up unused and unwanted furniture and accessories and…

created on: 12/26/08

 drop them off at a local thrift shop. You may be surprised to learn about the missions and expansive programs supported in part by these community arms of the larger organizations. From adult drug rehab, to job training, to scholarships for the grandchildren of veterans, these unassuming re-sale shops are consistent contributors to valuable program funding. Continue Reading