Craft It: Kid-Friendly Halloween Rock Paintings!

created at: 10/10/2011

Every kid loves rocks; it’s a universal truth.  Capitalize on that fascination and have a little fun by turning all those beloved stones into Halloween creatures or phrases–it’s the perfect project for kids or kids-at-heart!  

Tonya Staab, the brilliant mind behind Create-Celebrate-Explore, shares this simple, kid-friendly Halloween craft idea over on Multiples & More.  To get started on this fun project, gather your materials:

  • rocks
  • paint
  • paint brushes
  • painter’s pens (optional)

Then skip on over to Multiples & More for Tonya’s tutorial and tips! Continue Reading

Craft It: Keep Kids Happy with Hot Rock Crayon Art!

created at: 06/30/2011

Oh man.  I would have LOVED this as a kid.  Heck, I’d probably still like making a few of these crayon rocks (I’ve always been fascinated by materials and the various forms they can take).  If there’s some childlike wonder to entertain, either for yourself or, you know, for an actual child, then we have the craft project for you!  

created at: 06/30/2011

The process is simple enough and we have the girls at eighteen25 to thank for the tutorial.   Continue Reading

Making Faux Agates with Polymer Clay


Jenny over at Polymer Clay Central makes fake–excuse me–faux agates with polymer clay, a cheese grater and a pasta machine, with amazing results! It looks like she primarily uses them for jewelry fabrication, but I’m sure clever Curbliers everywhere could find other ways to use them. Either way, the process is really interesting and doesn’t look too hard either. Follow this jump to see the entire process.

Image courtesy of Jenny Cox.

‘Boulder’ Disguises

Now that the snow has melted where I live, unsightly utility paraphernalia has come back into view. Planting some pretty foliage to hide junction boxes and pipes and such is always a good idea, but for immediate and complete disguise-ification we can always purchase some Mock Rocks®. Durable yet lightweight, the hollowed-out rocks can cover up a multitude of yard sins. Available in various sizes costing between 50 and 350 bucks at Plow and Hearth. Continue Reading

More Pillow Talk

Check out these oh-so-Flintstone's rock pillows available through the UK's FOS Highwater. The hand painted cushions are available in three colors and four sizes. I'm sure they're softer than they appear.