Forget What You Know About Nautical Decor: The Complete Guide to Coastal Design

Nautical Decor Design Guide
Photo: Chipper Hatter for CM Natural Design

The widespread appeal of nautical and coastal decor makes a lot of sense when you consider the primal and ancient connection humans have to the sea. Being attracted to the water is hardwired into our very cells. Scientific studies have proven what we already know anecdotally: spending time near, on, or in lakes and oceans make us happier and healthier. It's no wonder that so many of us respond to the colors, clean lines, and natural elements of coastal, beach, and nautical decor.  Continue Reading

Boat + Bed = The Float Bed

Designer and seafarer David Trubridge has combined his interest in sailing with furniture design in a very interesting way. When undertaking what became ‘Float’, Trubridge asked people what sleep meant to them personally. The answers he heard included ‘floating, cosy, romantic, rocking, trusting’. He also threw in his own experience with sleep, which he interpreted as a voyage ‘through dreams when we wholly give ourselves up in trust, lying curled up in our bed vessel feeling save and cosy.’ Continue Reading