The World’s Most Expensive Movie Poster

World’s most expensive movie poster

Does the robot in this poster look familiar? It should; it inspired George Lucas’s C-P3O. Promoting Fritz Lang’s 1927 film “Metropolis”, the poster, sold at auction back in 2005 by the Austrian National Library, brought in an impressive $690,000. Why so spendy? The movie is considered a masterpiece and only 3 other copies of the poster are known to exist. Its art deco fabulousness doesn’t hurt either!

If you’re groovin’ on the image but are short a million bucks, not to worry. Continue Reading

Star Wars Origami.

Please don't crucify me…but I've never seen a Star Wars movie. I always meant to, but it just hasn't happened yet. I did start the first one (or the fourth one, I guess) in college, but I fell asleep, and my friends wouldn't tell me what I missed.



Still, even I can appreciate these Star Wars paper figures. It's not clear whether it was a single artist or a collective of creative geeks, but it's some fine paperfolding, indeed. Continue Reading