How To: Make a Modern DIY Tube Light

created at: 12/17/2012

This minimalist DIY light reminds me a little bit of the (much, much more expensive) Pipe Light by Tom Dixon. While his version is made from powder coated aluminum, this clever interpretation is crafted from — wait for it — a discarded cardboard poster tube!     

I have a bit of a, um, screen print buying problem, so I feel like cardboard tubes are always floating around my house somewhere. Typically, I throw them in our recycling bin, but I would much rather turn them into something awesome, like this lighting idea from Annaleena Leino. Continue Reading

Roundup: 20 Awesome DIY Modern Lighting Projects!

created at: 06/20/2012

In celebration of Modernism month at Curbly, we rounded up 20 of the best and coolest modern lighting projects on these here Interwebs. Yes, you read that right, TWENTY. So, put on your DIY pants, it’s time to get illuminated!    


1. DIY Brass Mobile Chandelier

2. DIY String Pendant Light

3. DIY Woven Pendant Lamp

4. DIY Wood Cube Pendant Light

created at: 06/20/2012

5. DIY Modern Paper Lampshade

6. DIY Letter Sconce

7. DIY Minimal Table Lamp

8. Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Accordion-Style Sconces!

created at: 09/11/2011

If you’re looking to jazz up your bedside lighting situation, look no further!  This DIY accordion-style sconce is your ticket to illuminating late-night reading in style.  

The ever-industrious Daniel Kanter from the fabulous blog Manhattan Nest shares this super duper easy lighting project.  Using FRÄCK bathroom mirrors from IKEA, he created two stylish and charming wall sconces for less than $10 a pop!  Impressed?  So are we.

created at: 09/11/2011

All you need to make your own is the following:

  • IKEA FRÄCK mirror
  • Lamp Socket
  • Adapter Nut
  • Plug
  • Wire
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Wire Strippers

Daniel has kindly offered up a detailed, step-by-step tutorial (with lots of photos) so head on over to Manhattan Nest to see how it’s done! Continue Reading