How to Make a Felt Fabric Curtain


Textile artist Chela Edmunds needed a bit of privacy for a window with a park view, but she also wanted to let some light in as well. It’s a stylish alternative capiz shell curtains. To make one, you’ll need the following:

  • measuring tape or ruler
  • soft lead pencil or dressmaker’s chalk
  • a template for the circles (Chela used a tea canister)
  • a sharp scissors
  • a sewing machine
  • thread
  • felt fabric (the dimensions of the window)

To see how to put it all together, visit this page at Design Sponge. Continue Reading

Need Your Clever Ideas

We just made a clean sweep of the greenery and holiday stuff and the same old dilemma is staring me in the face.  I won't divulge how long we've lived in this house, but will share that I have never been able to figure out what to do with these two big sliding glass monsters.  The first image is looking from the front hallway right on through the dining room and smack dab onto the porch.  Continue Reading

The Ab-Fab Light Screen

Not only is the Superieur Modular Light Screen fabulous, so is it’s price, and not in a good way. The 30.25″W x 72.75″H x 8.5″d ‘units’ are made of lacquered metal, PVC plastic, rubber and lycra. The system requires you to buy a main unit for 2,500 bucks; each additional unit is 1,800. For those not keeping track, the three panel divider pictured above would set you back $6,100.

DIY Projection Screen.

Fan of impromptu drive-in theaters? Hardcore hometheater enthusiast? Shadow-puppet fanatic?

Then you need a big ol' screen on which you can project whatever feeds your need for eye candy.

Will O'Brien offers a how-to on creating your own large format screen- in 2.35:1!- from materials available at your local hardware store and fabric shop.