Turn an Awkward Side Table Into a Dual Purpose Dog Bed

Being a dog bed maker myself, I’m tickled to see Lisa’s project on Design Sponge. This style of heavy, cumbersome cabinetry is plentiful in the secondhand market and you better believe I scurry past it like it has The Plague. Lisa, on the otherhand, had vision.

Besides being a perfect photo, get a load of that bed! It’s amazing what a little door removal and paint will do. Maybe that door was the problem.

Turn an Old Washing Machine into a Backyard Fire Pit

Preparing the durm.

I know what’s coming next, and yet the title of this post STILL sounds improbable. But with Dr. Qui’s Instructable, it’s not only probable, it’s totally do-able.

Here are the materials the maker used:

  • Stainless steel washing machine drum.
  • 1″ galvanized tube (scavenged from an old farm gate),  20 x 6mm flat steel could also be used.
  • The rim from an old bike wheel.
  • M6 nuts, bolts and washers.
  • Self taping screws.

The doctor also says that if we can’t find a front load washer to use, a tumble dryer will do the trick too. Continue Reading

Goodwill Kid’s Rocker Moroccan Makeover

created at: 06/30/2010

One late afternoon I stopped into my local Goodwill store. Immediately, I spied this vintage child’s rocker in the furniture area priced at a measly $6.99. Old, worn out, and saggy, I was a little interested, but not quite sold until I saw someone else become very interested in it. It was ON! I slinked around looking at other junk, all crouched down and ready to pounce if he put it back. I spent a minute or so looking for wooden trays and then peeked back around and saw he had passed on it. Continue Reading

Dresser Turned Bath Vanity


Not much needs to be said about this dresser turned bath vanity project, except that it epitomizes secondhand chic!


Amazing! To see more pictures of the dresser’s makeover and installation, follow this link to flickr.

Interested in more how-tos for creative reuse, thrift store and market finds, and turning secondhand items into showstopping home decor? Curbly’s latest Make It! publication has fourteen original projects that show you how to recycle some style!


Learn more about Curbly's latest publication, Make It! Secondhand Chic

(Image: Flickr member Alison_Rose from the Apartment Therapy Home Cure Flickr Pool)

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Mug Holder turned Jewelry Holder

created at: 05/24/2010

Stephie’s behavior while browsing Good Will sounds very familiar. Case in point: as she was perusing the store’s aisles recently, she spotted two mug holders and a lazy Susan and proceeded to stare at them, trying to think of something to turn them into. This is EXACTLY what I do. I often wonder if the people around me think I have some sort of disorder, staring intently a bit too long at random crap. Anyhoo,    the lightbulb popped on for Stephie as she figured her finds would make a great spinning jewelry holder for her dresser. Continue Reading

Secondhand Chic: How to Make a Chalkboard Game Table


Louise gave a tired mid-mod table a fun once-over perfect for her daughter’s playtime. Before we attempt such a makeover ourselves, we’d be wise to follow Louise’s suggestions and sand the table and prime it before we paint. For more info about the project, visit Ohdeedoh.

Interested in more how-tos for creative reuse, thrift store and flea market finds, and turning secondhand items into showstopping home decor? Curbly’s latest Make It! publication has fourteen original projects that show you how to recycle some style! Continue Reading

How to Make a Hubcap Clock

created at: 04/20/2010

Photo: StevenShaverDesigns

Speaking of Secondhand Chic, can you get any more chic than a Mercedes hubcap clock? This particular hubcap might be a scarce commodity at a flea market, but if you do come across one, by all means grab it up. Hubcap art isn’t especially my taste, but this Mercedes clock is smart! I especially like it that the artist used the open circle, mod hands which tie in nicely to the cutout edge of the hubcap. Continue Reading

How to Successfully Reupholster a Curvaceous Modern Chair with a Sweater

created at: 04/19/2010

The Indy Thrift Score Social Club has it’s first event this Saturday. Yes, I’ve found a group of enablers and we’re gathering in the morning for a Tour de’ Junk. I’ve been told that the terms secondhand, thrift, or secondary market would be more appropriate. Anyway, we’re hitting downtown Indianapolis for our greedy little secondhand fix. Most of the scouts are mid century modern fans and that’s where things can get sticky. Chances are that if anyone comes across a tattered chair of the MCM kind, it usually has beautiful soft curves and reupholstering this treasure becomes a dilemma since woven fabrics don’t generally cooperate with soft round curves. Continue Reading

Make a Vintage Cake Stand from Secondhand Stuff

vintage cake stands

Christina shows us how to make the prettiest vintage cake stands from secondhand items that, when put together, look like a very upscale (code for ‘expensive’) serving piece. (Don’t they look like they could be in a Martha magazine?) If you’re as smitten as I with the idea, here’s what we’ll need to make one (the construction reminds me of my garden decor post from earlier this week):      


  • vintage plate
  • glass candlestick
  • crystal drawer pull, optional, but kind of a cherry on top
  • epoxy glue (Christina suggests using slow-drying epoxy if you are making more than one cake stand)
  • ruler
  • Sharpie
  • Popsicle stick
  • Q-tip
  • something in which to mix your epoxy


For the entire tute, visit Intimate Weddings. Continue Reading

Dear Goodwill, Are You Getting Too Big For Your Secondhand Britches?

created at: 03/25/2010

Image: Shelly Miller Leer

Table purchased Saturday at a city wide 1/2 price sale at Goodwill.

In one out of ten posts I usually mention a shopping trip to Goodwill. For me, it’s Mecca, one of my favorite places to relax and do some serious creative thinking. I promote you; I laud you on your good works and pure mission, etc. However, the prices on used furniture and furnishings have skyrocketed beyond realistic value. I mean, come on!!! Continue Reading