Dull No More: How To Clean and Sharpen Your Garden Tools

Spring and summer is growing season, but that also means it's time to trim your yard. Trees, bushes, and shrubs need to be kept in shape, and to do that, it really helps to have sharp tools. It's faster and easier to cut with a sharp blade, plus it's better for the plant. In just a few minutes, you can actually sharpen garden tools yourself.        

Yard work is hard enough without trying to do it with dull tools that don't work how they're supposed to. Continue Reading

Before and After: A Curbly House Garden Shed and Mini Backyard Makeover

The inside of the Curbly House has received a whole lot of love over the last couple years, while the backyard has been ignored with a capital “I”.

We partnered with Lowe’s to make some small improvements to the backyard and ended up with a mini makeover that improved the area tenfold. Read on for all the details.


When we moved into the Curbly house, the yard was overgrown, neglected, and not a space anyone wanted to spend any time. Continue Reading

Baby, Light My Garden Shed

If you have a garden shed or workshop that is lacking in illumination, you might want to consider the ‘Light My Shed’ solar shed light. No fancy wiring required, just mount the solar panel to the outside of your shed and the accompanying fluorescent light–NOT LED–inside the shed. Available through BackyardCity.com, the ‘Light My Shed’ will set you back about 80 bucks.