A Big Bold Front Door Makeover with Sherwin-Williams® 2018 Color of the Year

Sponsored by Sherwin-Williams

We recently celebrated our 5th anniversary in the Curbly House, and along with the pomp and circumstance (I'm kidding; as much as we love our house, we don't celebrate home anniversaries … but maybe that's my new million dollar idea!), we've been busy doing a series of updates indoors and out. We've refreshed the paint, swapped out artwork, done some light landscaping, and made the house work better for our family. 

The front door of the house recently got a little update of its own with a fresh coat of paint. Continue Reading

Playroom Reveal! Making Space For A Growing Family

Playroom makeover reveal - creating space for a growing family

Success! We managed to turn our 1,200 square foot home into a place for a family of four to live, work, and thrive. What the photos don’t show is our newborn making this room his temporary home (complete with a bassinet and sound machine). It's an adjustment, but we're making it work! What's really put my mama-heart at ease has been the transformation of our forgotten sunroom. Turning it into a cozy, welcoming space for our newborn has allowed for an easier transition to our new life, and for our toddler to accept the fact that he is not an only child anymore. Continue Reading

Transforming a Sunroom to a Playroom to Make Space for a Growing Family

When Al and I found out we were expecting baby number two, the walls of our quaint little 2/1 started to cave in all around us. We danced with the idea of moving to the ‘burbs, but after some serious soul searching and a few disappointing open houses, we thought better of it. Our dream has always been to raise our family in the city and we just didn't want to give that up so quickly. Continue Reading

Supporting Art in the Schools: Our National Painting Week Project is a Kids’ Art Crawl

We say it every year – National Painting Week is our favorite week of the year, because the power of paint is never ending. Each year, Sherwin-Williams puts out the call to bloggers all over the country to refresh a space, change its perspective, or add more emotion through the transformative power of paint. Last year, we embarked on a community-based project, making over our beloved neighborhood preschool.

It was so fun and rewarding that we decided to stick with the theme of community engagement. Continue Reading

Let the Children Play: A Nursery School Makeover for National Painting Week


preschool gym makeover - before preschool gym makeover - after

Our neighborhood preschool is a goldmine of childhood magic. It’s a special place that brings families together; an emblem of our community’s commitment to children.  

This year, for National Painting Week, our friends at Sherwin-Williams encouraged us to seek out a community-based project. We were thrilled, because doing more of this sort of work has long been one of our goals. We instantly knew our beloved preschool would be the perfect candidate. The power of paint would be transformative, helping improve a space that does so much for children and families. Continue Reading

Sneak Peek: Our National Painting Week Nursery School Makeover

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – National Painting Week is one of my favorite weeks of the year. Why, you ask? Because the power of paint in a room’s transformation is astounding and I’ll never tire of it. This year, we’re participating in Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week and we’re so excited to show you what we’ve got up our sleeves. 

We did things a little differently this year. Instead of a bathroom, bedroom, or living space of any kind, we partnered with our treasured neighborhood nursery school. Continue Reading

Reveal: The Curbly House Front Porch Makeover

Our National Painting Week porch makeover
This is what our porch used to look like. Seriously.

It’s officially National Painting Week – one of our favorite times of the year, because paint is, well, magical. You just wave a magic wand (ahem, I mean…brush), and it transforms rooms like nothing else. It’s a powerful feeling, holding so much potential in your hand, wielding that brush and roller like a wizard. Kazaaap! 

For this year’s project we focused on the bonus room of our house: the porch.  Continue Reading

Sneak Peek: The Curbly House Porch Makeover

Our porch makeover - before.

National Painting Week might be our favorite week of the year – because the power of paint in a room’s transformation is astounding and it never gets old. We’re participating in Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week once again and we’re delighted to be in the company of a group of beautiful bloggers to show off the power of paint.

This year we decided to paint our porch for National Painting Week because we’re lucky to have one and ours has been totally misused and disrespected since we moved into the Curbly House. Continue Reading

Picking Out the Perfect Paint Color for a Makeover Project

I recently bought a piece of furniture that was in need of a serious makeover. I got it for a steal, but I wasn’t a big fan of the way it looked, so I decided if I stripped it down and repainted it, it had the potential to be the perfect side table. So I partnered with Sherwin-Williams, my favorite neighborhood paint store, to pick out paint colors and talk to an expert about what I would need for my project. Continue Reading

A Perfectly Purple Little Girl’s Room Makeover

SW National Painting Week Feature

We are thrilled to be a part of Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week again this year. It's one of our favorite weeks because it involves some of our favorite bloggers doing amazing things with paint! If you haven't had a look at all of the amazing things happening this week, please take a look at Thrifty Decor Chic's walk-in closet makeover and Recycle Consign & Design's chair makeover.


If you're more of the moving-images type, here's a short video of the room makeover:


Over the last couple years, we've played it safe with our color choices – always selecting neutrals. Continue Reading