10 Ways to Love Your Rental Bathroom

Ugly apartment bathroom solutions: From moldy caulk lines to ugly shower doors, here's one renters take on how to deal with an unsightly restroom.

If you have ever leased a home, you know the struggles that can plague a rental bathroom. Unless it's a brand new building, the restroom is likely going to have a unique set of unfortunate details. I've been a renter for all of my adult life. I've seen my fair share of bizarre bathroom situations – from lime green walls to landline phone accessibility next to the tub (true story). My current apartment bathroom has it's own flaws that over time I've either figured out how to disguise or how to live with. Continue Reading

Roundup: 15 Statement Shower Curtains That You Can DIY

15 statement shower curtains

You don’t need money coming out of your ears to have your dream bathroom. In fact, you can get closer to your ideal look by just updating your shower curtain! We’ve rounded up 15 statement shower curtains that give instant face lifts to any bathroom and you can make them yourself!      


15 statement shower curtains that you could diy

1. Attach ruffles to a simple white curtain like this one via Anthropologie 

15 DIY Statement Shower Curtains

2. Sew fabric flower petals in bunches to a curtain like this one via Mama Says Sew 

15 diy statement shower curtains

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Roundup: 20 Stylish Shower Curtains for Show-Stopping Bathrooms!

created at: 05/10/2011

Move out those old vinyl curtains and make way for these personality-driven show-stoppers!  Whether your style is playful, tailored, feminine, or contemporary, we’ve rounded up twenty shower curtains that’ll transform your bathroom in an instant!   

created at: 05/10/2011

1. Arbor Curtain: $40

2. Pebblz Curtain: $15

3. Marimekko Ruutukaava Curtain: $25

4. Marimekko Tilkkula Jewel Curtain: $50

5. Inter Abstract Curtain: $20 – $30

6. Marimekko Madison Curtain: $50

created at: 05/10/2011

7. Tree Curtain: $24

8. Leaf Curtain: $15

9. DwellStudio Dot Curtain: $66

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Make Reusable Lunch Bags Out of a Shower Curtain

Here’s how to make new friends at work: Make them a handmade gift that will send a message about who you are, without all the words. Friendly, crafty, environmentally aware, and possibly a good cook since you bring leftovers in your groovy little lunch bag.  Buy a printed shower curtain on super-discounted sale, cut it into 1/2 yard pieces, stitch up reusable lunch bags and hand them out to your new co-workers. Tiffany from SHNHandmade shared her instructions on Ikea hacker. Continue Reading

12 New Uses for Shower Curtains/Liners

How many people look at a shower liner and think, ‘reusable lunch bag’? At least one. Tiffany used an IKEA NACKTEN shower liner, a half a yard of fabric, sewing machine and thread to make just that. Her pattern…a paper lunch bag. As one comment on the original how-to pointed out, liners made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) are NOT TO BE USED for this project. Liners that are made of PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) are food-safe and PCB-free. Continue Reading