Bathroom Makeovers: Clean and Classic

created at: 2009-09-10

Photo Image: Kevin Oreck Architect, Inc.

This winter may be the winter of remodeling two full upstairs bathrooms. I figure I’ll learn with the first one and be an expert by the time I’m ready for the master bath. Cococozy has compiled a wonderfully classic and modern collection of bathroom ideas to consider. Mr. Tall requires a higher sink so I’m wondering if two sinks of different heights would be all wrong. created at: 2009-09-10

Photo Image: Coco of Cococozy

Fabulous tile floor! Continue Reading

The perfect shower favors: Lip Balm Pockets

Although these lip balm pockets would be the perfect favors for that upcoming wedding shower, they could also be great little additions to birthday parties too. Simple, elegant, inexpensive and practical, it doesn’t get much better than that.

To make them, you’ll need:

2 colors of cardstock
1 patterned paper
Scalloped punch
1 3/8” circle punch
1 1/4” circle punch
X-acto knife
Round stamp
Satin Ribbon
Lip balm (The one used in this example was actually a custom made product made by LL2B, but a bit of paper, a printer or a rubber stamp and some glue and you could personalize a tube of Burt’s, or not.) Continue Reading