100 Affordable Home Decor Pieces for Under $100

100 affordable furniture and home decor pieces - each for under $100
Source: Target

When it comes to making design changes in your home, you don't want to spend more money than you need to – especially on the accent pieces. The cost of details add up fast if you aren't being mindful of the price tag. However, affordable furniture and home decor is out there – if you know where to look. We've rounded up 100 of our favorite affordable furniture and home decor items, each coming in under $100 each. Continue Reading

Turn an Awkward Side Table Into a Dual Purpose Dog Bed

Being a dog bed maker myself, I’m tickled to see Lisa’s project on Design Sponge. This style of heavy, cumbersome cabinetry is plentiful in the secondhand market and you better believe I scurry past it like it has The Plague. Lisa, on the otherhand, had vision.

Besides being a perfect photo, get a load of that bed! It’s amazing what a little door removal and paint will do. Maybe that door was the problem.

Give an Ugly Metal TV Tray a Modern Makeover

First of all, I absolutely love this redone metal TV tray. I’ll be honest, I snub those old sets of metal tv trays at GW or SA. I’ve never been a big fan of that whole tv tray concept. But this easy tutorial on Design Sponge has me rethinking my old mindset. Besides, tv trays are the perfect double for handy side tables at a gathering.

Ashley lifted her neighbor’s lovely discarded tv tray from the trash and then turned it into a nice white canvas for her handmade stenciling. Continue Reading

Monday Afternoon Makeover: Side Tables

created at: 03/01/2010

You all know that many hideous side tables lurk in the furniture section of secondhand shops. Although, occasionally you’ll find some not-so-hideous side tables that would be fine left as is. Much to the dismay of many blog readers, painting wood really sometimes is  “A Good Thing”. Mother and daugther design team, Suzanne and Lauren of Good Bones Great Pieces, show you what they found  and exactly how they handily freshened them up to merge into a light, bright, airy room.    Continue Reading