Our Daughter’s DIY Princess Party (Not in a Pack), Part II

DIY Rapunzel Party
Last week, I wrote about some of our inspiration and preparation for our daughter’s Rapunzel-themed birthday party. To recap, we wanted to give our four-year-old the party of her dreams without purchasing everything from a princess party pack. So, we enlisted the help of Pinterest and our Silhouette Cameo cutting machine and made it magical. Read on to see what we did.

Laying out our decorations in the Silhouette Studio program

Peeling the suns off the mat

We created sun buntings using our Silhouette, and purchased piles and piles of purple and yellow card stock to making buntings galore. Continue Reading

Make It: Easy DIY Silhouette Wall Art!

created at: 09/19/2011

While cameos and silhouettes of loved ones have been found in homes for, well, a long long time, they have recently made a comeback in more modernized forms – like this easy DIY plywood version!  

We found this project in the Lowe’s “Idea Library“, an online inspiration center where the national home improvement store shares a wide range of projects for everyone from beginners to seasoned DIYers.  This particular project is capital E-A-S-Y!

To make your own graphic silhouette wall art, all you need is the following:

  • desired image/silhouette printed out to-size
  • plywood, cut to desired size
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • paintbrush
  • paint

Click on through to the Lowe’s Idea Library for the full tutorial to learn how to make your own customized cameo! Continue Reading

2 DIY Silhouette Art Techniques

I’ve had the desire to make some silhouette art for a while now, I just wasn’t sure I could achieve the effects I had in mind, but after seeing these two how-tos, I’m thinking success may be within reach.     

First up is a simple tracing technique (pictured below). It involved a using a picture of the desired silhouette image–in this case an Ikea silhouette of Audrey Hepburn–that was enlarged, divided into 4 and printed out. They were taped to a 16″ x 20″ canvas and then a fine-point marker was used to trace all the details. Continue Reading

Curbly Giveaway: Win a Silhouette SD Digital Cutting Machine (A $300 Value)

Anyone interested in art, design, or crafts has likely developed their scissors skills into a science. You know exactly where to start a cut, how to keep it straight, when to bring it down to nail that curve…

And still, it’s never quite perfect. There’s those little jaggedy edges from where the cut stop and started again, curves that become a series of straight lines rather than a fluid motion, and then that cursed guideline that will never completely erase. Continue Reading

How To: Paper Silhouette Art

From TimeOut New York, these lively framed paper silhouette in series interact with each other and the wall. A perfect use for a collection of thrifted frames (paint ’em black), and a great way to honor your friends that hate to be photographed, just print ’em, trace ’em, cut and frame!

created at: 2009-10-26


• Old photographs or a camera and printer to make new ones
• Black construction paper
• Scissors
• Tape
• An assortment of picture frames

Custom Paper Silhouettes.

I remember when I was four or five, and this old lady with a crazy haircut came to out house to draw my silhouette. I had to sit still for-ever… and she made my eyelashes way too long. Hanging on the wall at my grandma’s house, always reckoned them sort of tacky, but this contemporary, DIY take from Stu and Janet could go in my house anyday.


– Good side profile photo
– Scissors or Xacto Knife
– Tracing Paper
– Glue Stick or Spray Mount
– Stapler
– Black Acid-Free Cardstock Paper
– Plain or Patterned Paper for Mounting
– Frame of Your Choice

Read the full how-to from Design Sponge. Continue Reading