Bathroom Makeovers: Clean and Classic

created at: 2009-09-10

Photo Image: Kevin Oreck Architect, Inc.

This winter may be the winter of remodeling two full upstairs bathrooms. I figure I’ll learn with the first one and be an expert by the time I’m ready for the master bath. Cococozy has compiled a wonderfully classic and modern collection of bathroom ideas to consider. Mr. Tall requires a higher sink so I’m wondering if two sinks of different heights would be all wrong. created at: 2009-09-10

Photo Image: Coco of Cococozy

Fabulous tile floor! Continue Reading

Natural Drain Uncloggers

created at: 2009-05-13

Admittedly, we were raised on commercials for toxic drain cleaners. Every household had the under-the-sink skull and crossbones drain and toilet bowl cleaners containing lye and acid. You were thought wimpy if you didn’t pour Roto-Rooter down the drain. CARE 2 make a difference shows you a better, safer way to unglog those gooey shower drains using simple household ingredients such as washing soda, instead of harsh, toxic commercial products.

Toilets with integrated sinks.

created on: 01/19/09

Flushing your toilet with sink water isn’t new, but it’s never been this elegant, which means people might actually choose such an item for aesthetic reasons rather than ecological ones. Either way, Mother Nature will be pleased.

From Caroma, which should be available in North America this year. Via.

The Tlalokc by designer Ariel Rojo. Via.

Of course, there’s always the less elegant but equally functional DIY alternative!




Sensationally Silly Sinks

Check out Elkay’s super cool Scrub-a-Dubs™ sinks. Marketed to the four feet and under crowd, these things might get kids to spend a bit more time getting the dirt off their hands in the sink rather than on the hand towels. At about 250 bucks, they’re not terribly expressive, which means you’d have a little change left in your pocket to put toward Elkay’s coordinating faucet.

The Secret Life of Toothpaste

Any gal with a diamond knows that a toothbrush and a little toothpaste will make that rock twinkle. But toothpaste has other more lowly pursuits than putting the spark in your bling.

Cast Iron Sinks

Toothpaste will remove pot marks from cast iron (and vitreous glass) sinks and it’s a cheap alternative to more expensive cleaners. My Pepsodent (the lowest-priced I could find at the store) is a fraction of the cost of Kohler’s fancy Cast Iron Kitchen Sink Cleaner. Continue Reading