How To: Make Your Own Modern Sled for Under $60

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When it comes to snow, I’m firmly in the “No thank you, lady Nature” camp. It looks pretty in photos and that’s about as close as I want to get to the stuff. But I do enjoy a good thrill as much as the next person, so the idea of shooting down the side of a snow-covered hill on nothing but a tiny piece of wood or plastic is undeniably appealing. If you also enjoy a good sled ride, check out this ridiculously cool one you can make yourself!       Continue Reading

Curbly Video Quick Tip: Create a Crosscut Sled on the Cheap.

created at: 2009-07-06

The table saw is the most versatile option for the DIYster, equally successful at making rip cuts (with the grain) and crosscuts (across the grain). When making crosscuts, it’s much better to rely on support which holds the workpiece at a 90-degree angle to the blade, rather than the rip fence, which is parrallel to the blade.

Enter the crosscut sled, an extremely easy homemade option for safe and accurate crosscuts on any table saw. This option uses materials that you probably have on hand, but can easily be purchased for under $5.00. Continue Reading