Weekend Project: Slipcover a Thrifted Cube

Not that long ago I was asked to create some cube bean bags. After figuring and re-figuring, I came up with the pattern, added a zipper and filled it with those little styrofoam beads. BIG pain in the you know what. Why go to the trouble when you can find oodles of cheapy cube ottomans at the secondhand store?  Since the cheapest of the cheaps are covered in hideously benign microfiber, find a yard or two of fun fabric and stitch your own custom cube slipcover. Continue Reading

Pimp Your Piping

created at: 07/27/2010

Remember DIY Maven’s post on Monday? The 2nd Unbelievable Sofa Makeover? The contrast of the white cording against the dark fabric just looked, hmmmmm…very high end. Instead of starting from scratch, what if you could just paint your piping on your upholstery or slipcover? Liz from It’s Great To Be Home, did just that. See how she did it.

Here’s the chair before Liz went after it.

created at: 07/27/2010

All you need is:

  • furniture with piping
  • fabric paint
  • craft brush
  • cardboard strips

See the full post on CasaSugar here. Continue Reading

How To Make a Pattern from a Thrifted Ugly Slipcovered Chair


Let’s say you find a hideously slipcovered chair at a flea market. You like the lines, hate the fabric. When you peek underneath, you only find more hideous fabric worn threadbare. Is it worth buying? It depends. If you don’t mind buying new fabric, absolutely!


OK, it’s not the same chair but you get the picture.

Slipcovers made twenty or thirty years ago were made to fit! Here’s how you can turn an old ugly slipcover into the pattern for a fresh one. Continue Reading

10 Minute Room Makeovers with Slipcovers

created at: 04/01/2010

Our friends over at SureFit sent along some inspiring images showing how, with the aid of their slipcovers and ten minutes of your time, you can makeover an entire room. Mis-matched country/traditional (above) gets some French country charm (below):   

created at: 04/01/2010

A hodge-podge of the stuffy variety, this sad state of affairs…..

created at: 04/01/2010

….gets some needed refinement.

created at: 04/01/2010

Although slipcover makeovers are incredibly cost-effective, another budget-friendly alternative in these particular re-dos would have been to paint the side tables and such.  Continue Reading

Shabby Chic in Disguise

created at: 2009-08-10

Am I crazy or isn’t Swedish Country just Shabby Chic tidied up a bit, pink fuzziness removed from the photographs and tighter fitting white slipcovers? From every photo and blog I’ve seen touting Swedish Country, it looks to me like Shabby Chic.Marketing decorating styles has become very similar to selling fashion. If it’s renamed and given a little twist, it can be resold to an entirely new demographic. For some reason this reminds me of the genius of Disney. Continue Reading

How to Clean Your Slipcovers

created at: 2009-08-01

Photo image: Ellen Kennon

If you’re lucky enough to have a good looking set of custom slipcovers, or merely a slipcovered chair, be sure you know whether it can be washed, spot cleaned or dry cleaned.  Slipcovers aren’t my thing. The only thing I can slipcover is an ottoman or a table, but I’ve heard the agonizing cries of those who have plopped their slipcovers in the washer and dryer only to find they can’t get them back on their furniture. Continue Reading

18 Reasons Why We Should Love Slipcovers

A cozy living room with red slipcovers on the chairs and a white one on the sofa.

My Home Ideas has put together a portfolio of 18 rooms that were put together with the help of slipcovers. Is there anything more versatile than a slipcover? Hey, even red, like the slipcovers pictured above, are neutrally versatile in that they can have a completely different look just with a change of accessories. Anyway, here’s some of my favs out of the 18.

Here an antique table gets a tailored slipcover/tablecloth for a unique effect. Continue Reading

The Laziest Slipcover Tutorial Ever

created at: 2009-03-27

Look in any decorating magazine and there will be a room with baggy, white or natural slipcovers. It’s the perfect canvas for all sorts of eclectic decor. I don’t do slipcovers. I never learned how because I’ve always had neutral upholstery fabrics on my furniture. However, seasonal slipcover changes seem like the ultimate luxury. Light and fresh in the Spring and nubby, warm and cozy in the Fall, ah yes.

created at: 2009-03-27

If you need to cover up some disgusting stains and you have a sewing machine, you can pick up cotton duck very inexpensively. Continue Reading

Knot Another No-Sew Pillow Slipcover (The Package Pillow)

This no-sew pillow slipcover idea is for people who not only don’t own a needle or thread but don’t know what they are.

What You Need                                  What You Don’t Need

Ugly square pillow of your choice            Needle

Fabric: approximately twice the              Thread
    dimensions of the pillow,
    so about 40″ square fabric
    for 20″ pillow.



Nice Package

Lightweight cotton works great for this method.  Lay your fabric wrong side up on a large flat surface. The floor works exceptionally well. Continue Reading