10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Tiny Porch this Summer

If you've ever lived in an apartment or a really tiny house, you probably understand the struggle of a tiny outdoor space. Generally, tiny porches are the only type of porches you'll find with an apartment. While a tiny porch is better than no porch at all, sometimes you have to get creative with the small space you have with small balcony furniture and space saving solutions. Luckily, I've rounded up a bunch of ways to make the most of your tiny porch this summer, including DIYs, storage solutions and just plain cute pieces to add to your porch.  Continue Reading

68 Apartment Decorating Ideas and Organization Tips for Renters

Apartment Decorating Ideas and Organization Tips for Renters
Source: Apartment Therapy; Photo Credit: Sophie Timothy

Renting your home has some perks (no mortgage, no maintenance costs, no headaches), but there are downsides: apartment decorating can be a challenge, and limited storage space makes it hard to stay organized.             

Many apartments are too small or don't offer much storage. Maybe the landlord won't let you paint or put nail holes in the wall. And rental properties are usually fitted with unsightly light-fixtures or unattractive flooring. Continue Reading

Make This: Minimal Clothes Drying Rack

Perfect for small spaces - a collapsible wooden drying rack for laundry.

If you’re looking for ways to save money, or working on shrinking your environmental footprint, air-drying your washing is a great place to start. Dryers, while they are handy, use a ton of energy to operate. Plus, you might own delicate clothes that aren’t suited for aggressive machine drying. A clothes drying rack is a must-have asset for your laundry room – and bonus, you can make your own.     


I absolutely love how simple this clothes drying rack turned out. Continue Reading

Makeover Tour: A Tiny Mudroom Gets a Colorful Face Lift!

created at: 03/17/2013Editor’s Note: We’re excited to launch a new monthly column featuring exclusive tours of room makeovers — from DIYers like you! Check in every 3rd Monday to get inspired by a new Makeover Tour.

This month’s Makeover Tour is a super colorful and inspiring mudroom — proof that even tiny spaces can have loads of personality! Read on to get the full scoop on this fun space.       

Name: Anu

About: I am a busy mom to two little boys and currently am on maternity leave from my job as a Speech-Language Pathologist. Continue Reading

Eye Candy: 10 Big Impact Small Bath Makeovers!

small bathroom makeovers

Itty-bitty baths and little loos present unique decor and renovation challenges to homeowners and renters alike.  If you’ve found yourself stuck with this “small bath problem”, don’t fret!  Inspiration is on the way: we’ve rounded up ten big impact small bathroom makeovers from DIY-minded small bath renovators across the web.  Enjoy!   

small bathroom makeovers

1. Pedestal sinks (and calming hues) are a surefire way to make a tiny bathroom feel larger!  See more on Tart House.

small bathroom makeovers

2. Faux wood tiles (leftover from a kitchen flooring project) add a warm, modern touch to this bathroom makeover.   Continue Reading

Studio Apartment Woes: Create a Bedroom Out of Thin Air!

created at: 02/09/2011

What’s more shocking to me, other than the fact that this studio apartment was transformed into a one bedroom, is how much bigger it looks after!  It’s magic, I tell you.  Magic (and lots of hard work).  

created at: 02/09/2011

The 22-year-old apartment dweller and first-time renovator couldn’t imagine having his bed in the middle of his living room, so he set about finding an affordable solution.  Enter IKEA.  Using cupboard doors from the PAX collection, our DIYer created a bedroom out of thin air (and buckets of sweat).  Continue Reading

Home Office Makeover: Clean and Colorful

created at: 01/27/2011

We all have a room like this (or had one at some point): small, dark, and, let’s face it, a bit grim.  For whatever reason, these rooms are always destined to become home offices.  It’s just their nature.  Fortunately, with clever storage solutions and a bright color scheme they can become…  

created at: 01/27/2011

…this!  By incorporating a color scheme of white, grey, and yellow (and more white), Alicia Parsons of Akimbo Stationery turned her home office into a light-filled sanctuary. Continue Reading

The Most Cheerful Home (and Office) On The Planet

created at: 01/18/2011

Those are big words, I realize, but this really may be the brightest, happiest, most perfectly colorful space I’ve ever laid eyes on.  Don’t believe me?  Read on!  

created at: 01/18/2011

This fabulous one-bedroom apartment belongs to Santa Monica resident and event planner/florist Megan Fickling.  She has this to say about her style:

I love color and I also love crisp, modern, white decor. I wanted our place to feel bright, cheerful, young and modern with some eclectic accents. Continue Reading

Home Office: Thriftastic and Modern

created at: 01/11/2011

What?  “Thriftastic” is totally a word.  And really, it’s the best word to describe this cheerful, all-in-one home office/crafting station.  

created at: 01/11/2011

Megan Jeyifo, whose fabulously thrifty style can be seen on her blog Urban Casita, carved out a bright, colorful nook to serve as a work station for crafting and blogging (she also writes for ReadyMade).

created at: 01/11/2011

I love, love, love the way she mixes modern, vintage pieces with more ecclectic thrift store finds (like the magazine rack, which she scored for a mere $6).  Continue Reading