No Campfire? No Problem! Make a Portable S’mores Fire Pot

No Campfire? No Problem! Make a Portable S'mores Fire Pot

I grew up as a Girl Scout and did my fair share of camping, and the s'mores were always my favorite part. Even as an adult, I would toast s'mores on my gas stove, but sadly my current home has an electric stove, leaving me without a makeshift campire to make s'mores. Rather than letting that stop me, I made this portable s'mores fire pot with Sterno ethanol gel canisters and a planter pot! 

 This is an incredibly easy project to whip up with a pot and rocks, but it's the perfect way to enjoy homemade s'mores with the same feeling of a campfire. Continue Reading

Fluffy & Fabulous: New Kinds of S’Mores

created at: 07/01/2011

Don’t look now, but we are in the height of s’more season. The recipe hasn’t changed much over the years–graham crackers, marshmallows, Hershey bars–but thanks to foodies everywhere, there are new s’mores on the horizon. Here are some that are fluffy, funky and, if my taste buds are good prognosticators, fabulous.

First up is Posh Puff’s Breakfast S’more. It’s not fudgie, but it’s oh so fluffy! It features (gourmet) marshmallows, butter waffle cookies, fresh blueberries and maple syrup. Continue Reading

DIY Backyard Theater for Cool Fall Nights

created at: 2009-09-08

Photo Image: Dave Banks

Don’t let these still, cool evenings of Fall go to waste sitting inside watching t.v. It would be way more fun sitting outside with some firepit action, smores and watching a movie with friends, even snuggling up in a blanket for a scary Halloween movie.  GeekDad provides a step by step tutorial for backyard diy-ers who aren’t quite ready to throw in the seasonal towel.

created at: 2009-09-08

Photo Image: Dave Banks

For the low, low price of $122. Continue Reading