Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Quick quiz, is the image below a photo or a painting?

Paintings by Justin Allen

Answer after the jump.

Ok, as you probably guessed from the title of the post, it’s a painting. Justin Allen‘s artwork has a strange interior-design aesthetic (reminds me of some friend’s basements I spent time in during the 1980s), but his attention to detail is remarkable, and the realism in these pieces is quite mind-boggling:

Justin Allen - Orange chair

This rifle-lamp could easily go in an exposed-brick loft somewhere:

Justin Allen - Lamp

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How to make a Sofa Wrap

Elegant, vintage brocade

If the thought of reupholstering a sofa gives you the case of the yips, you might want to consider making a sofa wrap instead. They don’t involve any complicated sewing and fitting like a slipcover either. Basically, they consist of two parts: An outer layer and an under layer, which is optional. Taking measurements

To determine the amount of fabric you’d need, Threads Magazine says, 

For top piece:
1. To determine body length, measure sofa from front to back starting at floor in front of sofa and ending at floor in back, and add 12 in.
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Simple Ways to Turn a Twin Bed into a Day Bed

created at: 2009-05-04

Photo: furniturestoreblog.com

What exactly is a day bed, you ask? It’s a twin bed disguised as a sofa by day and used as a bed at night. If your tiny space necessitates double duty for your bed, it’s really quite simple to convert almost any twin bed into a day bed. Here are three pretty simple ways you can pimp out your twin bed into a multi-tasking day bed.

created at: 2009-05-04

photo: www.ascotteak.com

1. If you have a headboard and footboard, attach a piece or two of painted or stained wood running the length of one long side of the bed to make a sofa “back”. Continue Reading

Five Easy Ways To Update Your Sofa

created at: 2009-03-06

The itch to switch things up is beginning to overwhelm me. The urge hits with the first fresh smell of Spring, the first crisp Fall day and the day after New Year’s Day. With the back door open and a warm breeze blowing this morning,  I simply have to change the visual landscape of my living room. Today I’m looking at my trusty gray sofa. The fabric has worn like iron, I’ve never tired of it and any number of accent colors work with it. Continue Reading

M & M Sofa

The Tantisassi sofa kind of looks like my favorite melt-in-your-mouth-not-in-your-hand candies. Designed by Matteo Thun for Rossi di Albizzate, the sofa consists of ‘strategically positioned’ foam cushions over a steel frame. The cushions come with removable wool covers. If you’re more of a Mentos fan, it comes in white too. Via.

DIY ModUpholstery: Mock Tufting

created on: 09/06/08 

 The problem at hand was those annoying, yet luxurious, down-filled back cushions.  Everytime anyone would get up from the loveseat, the back cushions were smashed down, seams all askew.  My compulsive self had to walk over, re-fluff, straighten and then I could move on.

Don’t the best solutions just come to you in the simplest of ideas??

My first thought was to make some covered buttons and pull those through the cushions to give a modern, symmetric button tufting look.  Continue Reading

The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Sofa

The Hyde Sofa, which is the creation of design students Pablo Crespo and Martin and Isaac Franzene Pinerio, has what might be called a multiple personality disorder. In the daylight, the sofa is uninspired, gray and boxy; but at night, it lights up, taking on a vivacious personality. Snaps for creativity and literary reference on this one. Via.