Yes, You Can Use a Paint Sprayer Indoors: Our Spare Room Makeover Proves It

Painting a room with an indoor paint sprayer sames time and results in a more consistent finish. Here's how we used one to transform a spare bedroom.

Cozy Den Makeover Using a Paint Sprayer Indoors
Sponsored by Wagner and Trimaco

One of my favorite things about interior design and home improvement is discovering tools that help us do our job better. Painting is one of those jobs. We paint things all the time – walls, furniture, floors, baskets. Why? Because nothing transforms a space (or an object) quite like paint does.                 Continue Reading

Our Porch Floor Makeover: A Wagner EZ Tilt Paint Sprayer Review

A couple of weeks ago, the people at Wagner (they’re based in nearby Plymouth, MN) sent me one of their new EZ Tilt Spray Painters (if you’re looking for one, you can buy it here on Amaazon) to try out. We had been planning on re-painting our porch floor, so we decided to put it to the test and get a minor project out of the way at the same time. Read on to see how it went. Continue Reading

DIY: Not Knotty Pine Anymore

created on: 09/03/08

Here’s a sneak peak of the Knotty Pine re-do.  Cleanup and reorganization is so tedious until you get immersed in feeling all smug and self-righteous with your tidiness and order.  There was much to be learned from this DIY undertaking.  Complete planning instead of impulsive diving in was the best move I made.  Perseverence using new equipment (the spray painter) was well worth it in time saved.  Not quite perfectionism, but pretty darn close to it, helped me feel really proud of the job I did and that unbeatable feeling of accomplishment.  Continue Reading