My Weirdest Laundry Tip, Straight From the Auto Repair Shop

Curbly house laundry room

When I was growing up, my mom had a laundry stain treatment that I haven't seen anyone else I know use. Searching a store's laundry aisle for it a few years ago, I came up empty-handed, so I asked her where she found it. “Sometimes it's in the automotive care aisle,” she answered, and that is indeed where I spotted one of my favorite stain-treatments.     


Goop, which has been around since 1949, and has absolutely nothing to do with Gwyneth Paltrow, is primarily sold as a hand cleaner. Continue Reading

Laundry LIES (and Truths)

created at: 12/07/2010

The Queen of Clean! Does she wear a cape made of dryer sheets? Does she leap laundry hampers in a single bound? I have no idea, but she does de-bunks laundry myths faster than a speeding bullet. (The busts are brought to us by Vaska, thus the shout out). So here they are, straight from the Dirt Buster’s mouth:


If the clothes are really dirty use more detergent.

This is not a good idea; too much detergent doesn’t rinse out, attracts dirt and is hard on the fibers.  Continue Reading

Water Bottle Stained Table

created on: 02/10/09

Hey all you master woodworkers? No, it’s not a flower stenciled on my dining table, it’s a water mark left by Mr. Mod and his water bottle. (I have yet to convince him of this.) Additionally, the table has taken a moisture beating with other late night glasses being carelessly left un-coastered. 

I’m a little gunshy when it comes to messing with the finish on a table. Tipnut offers some interesting ideas here with readily available household products, but before I start fiddling around, does anyone have any words of wisdom from experience with these home remedies? Continue Reading

How to Get Stains Out of Carpeting

Although I included links to these handy guides in my CSI: Carpet Scene Investigation post, I thought they deserved a post of their very own. First, from Fabric Link comes an alphabetical who’s who of horrible stains. From acid toilet cleaners to wine, there’s something for everybody. Also worth a look-see is 3M’s stain removal guide, which they bill as alternatives to using one of their own products. How magnanimous of them.