Before and After: A $60 Carpet-to-Hardwood Stair Makeover

The Serene Swede

Nasty, commercial-style carpet wasn’t exactly what this DIY-er called “homey”. So, with a few tools and a bunch of sweat, she turned this previously carpeted staircase into a shining entry focal point — and all for $60!      

The Serene Swede

Stacy from The Serene Swede has shared the whole process from start to finish over on Remodelaholic — be sure to check it out if you’re interested in tackling a similar project!

5 Painted Staircases That Will Blow Your Mind

created at: 10/27/2010

…Or melt your face.  Either one.

So, we live in a townhome right now that is covered with really awesome wall-to-wall carpeting.  And by “awesome” I mean “nasty”.  We have a staircase that’s covered in this unfortunate material as well, and I’ve always wanted to rip it up and see what’s going on under there.  In my fantasy world, it would be lovely wood in need of some minor sprucing up, which I could then go buck wild on with some colorful paint.   Continue Reading

Three DIY Under-the-Stairs Storage Solutions.

When the floors are filled, the walls covered, and the closets brimming then, my friends, look to the space under the stairs. DIYLife has collected three clever options to squeeze some extra storage out of your existing space. “The area beneath your stairs is a common household dead zone, but it’s actually the perfect place to stash your stuff….” Provided, of course, there’s not another staircase under it. 🙂

Project 1: Under-the-Stairs Shelving Unit.

Cost: $50-$100. Continue Reading

16 Amazing Spiral Staircases Seen from Above

Give me a spiral staircase and, if I have my camera in hand, you can be assured I’ll take a picture of it from above. I think it’s because, from that vantage point, they transform into abstract works of art. Also, there’s a serious ‘whoa’ factor when you bend over that railing. Anyhoo, here’s 16 spectacular spiral staircase pictures taken from above features on Follow the jump to see larger images and descriptions of each. Continue Reading