You Know You Want to Cuddle Up in This DIY Flannel Throw

DIY Flannel Throw | Cozy up!

Ahh, autumn. You make me want to light bonfires in my backyard, start drinking cocoa on the daily, and cozy up in anything warm and snuggly. This fall I'm exploring my reignited love of flannel (I'm actually wearing a flannel shirt right now as I write this), and with these local Minnesota temperatures ever on the decline, a DIY flannel throw was in order. I just love blankets – you can never have too many, which makes them a wonderful gift. Continue Reading

DIY Halloween Costumes: Start Early

created at: 2009-09-09

The ladies are getting a jump start on Thursday nights creatively stitching up costumes for their little candy mongers. We always seem to be rushed due to so many early October high faluttin’ Halloween parties these kids have to attend. My rule is that these are the ONLY kids in the enitire world wearing that costume, i.e., be an individual.  I don’t know why but that’s always been a big deal to me. I figure if they can’t be unique on Halloween, how do they even have a chance in this hard, cruel world? Continue Reading

How-To: Sew a Narrow Top Stitched Hem

created at: 2009-02-17Photo from ChickPeaSewing

Many of the home decorating projects you’re going to be working on between now and Spring, require a narrow hem and/or topstitching to give your project a professional and polished look. Modern, cordless cushion covers, slipcovers, curtain edges, functional wall hanging organizers, just to name a few.  Take a break and click on over to Chick Pea Sewing to see how get the job done right.  Teach yourself how to achieve this handy sewing technique with

this easy step-by-step tutorial.   Continue Reading

How To: Sew Paper and Fabric Valentines

created on: 02/02/09

The idea of sewing fabric onto paper always interests me, but I never seem to have the time to plan out a functional project. Molly over


at PurlBee has a fantastic and well photographed tutorial for merging your fabric scraps into simple and chic Valentine’s Day cards.

created on: 02/02/09

I, too, use to get absolutely beside myself when it was time to start constructing the Valentine’s Day bags and cards at school. There are some other great heart projects you should see. Continue Reading