Try This: Mulling Spice Simmer Pot Recipe

How to make your home instantly smell like autumn with this fall simmer pot recipe

We're getting to that time of year where two different things are happening: parties are picking up, and the cold weather is forcing us to spend more time indoors. So… basically the perfect combination for some cozy aromatherapy! The fall season has so many distinct smells associated with it – like crisp winds, earthy leaves, fresh rain – and one of the most recognizable scent combinations is that of mulling spices. Whether you have a dinner party coming up, or simply want to flood your home with the scents of the season, this quick fall simmer pot is sure to do the trick.          Continue Reading

Bruno & Alicia’s Kitchen Makeover, Part III: The Final Reveal

It’s Kitchen Month on Curbly! So Kelly, Melanie, and I will be doing a series of kitchen tours. We’ll walk you through our kitchens, point out what we love and what we don’t, and show how they got to be the way they are.

Our old kitchen

This week, I wrote about how our kitchen used to suck, and how we went through a tough DIY remodel to make it better. Today’s the kitchen tour! So without further ado … pretty pictures! Continue Reading

How To Copy This California Kitchen Makeover

Well, it’s not a Before and After because we don’t have the Before photos. All I know is that this California kitchen belonging to Samantha and Barry Nugent is not only stunning, but you can copy some of these elements to get a similar look. The design is simply impeccable. I would be out there painting my kitchen cabinets gray tonight if I didn’t have that gosh darn black granite. Cococozy got a tour of the The Nugents’ 1929 Spanish remodel. Continue Reading

Corn Fed Furnaces

Sometimes, in exploring alternative energies, one must look back to look forward. Case in point: The biomass stove. It all started with Ben Franklin, who invented the iron furnace stove. Then, in 1973, Mike Haefner tweaked Ben’s baby and created the first certified biomass fuel stove. The improvement lay in the fact that Mike’s creation burned biomass.

Magnum T40 Leg Unit

Question #1

What’s biomass? Biomass itself is the process of turning trees and plant material into fuel, which, technically, are referred to as bioproducts. Continue Reading