How To: Give Your Dining Room an Instant Fall Makeover

How To: Give Your Dining Room an Instant Fall Makeover

It's full-on fall, which means you have an excellent excuse to give your home a mini makeover! Or in this case, your dining room. The trick to styling any space for Autumn is finding that nice balance between modern pieces and combining them with warm and seasonal elements that really translate as homey and cozy. With these simple steps, your dining room will be ready for fall in no time!  


How To: Give Your Dining Room an Instant Fall Makeover

Start with a clean slate. Continue Reading

Styling 101: How to Get That Scandinavian Look in Your Living Room

For as long as I can remember, I have gravitated toward Scandinavian design. Seeing images of homes that had that clean aesthetic made me want to transform my entire house into a peaceful and airy retreat. It's easy to believe that Scandinavian design means you have to be a purest: black, white, and grey spaces with very little clutter and furniture. But that's not necessarily true. There are all kinds of amazing styles that can mix well with the Scandinavian vibe we all love. Continue Reading

Three Simple Ways to Style a Table for Spring

Three Simple Ways to Style a Table for Spring

If you’re searching for some modern and minimal ways to style your dining room table this spring, then look no further! Whether you’re in search for a day-to-day look, hosting an afternoon tea or fun dinner party, we have three simple ways you can style your dining table with pieces you might already have kicking around the home!    


A look for every day:     


Three Ways to Style a Table for Spring

As always, with each look begin with getting rid of any clutter – this might include items in the background that might take away from your space by making things feel a bit over crowded!  Continue Reading

How to: Give your Mudroom an Easy Makeover with Smart, Space-Saving Storage

We had enough of our dated kitchen, so we decided to give it a full-on facelift, while staying on a budget. Follow along with our whole series: Lidy’s Kitchen Makeover.

How To: Give your Mudroom an Easy Makeover

The last area we really needed to tackle in our kitchen makeover was the tiny mudroom entrance in the back of the kitchen. It was the black hole of the space where everything piled up and overflowed. We knew we wanted to keep it simple, while still having it feel a part of the kitchen as a whole! Continue Reading

How to Style a Credenza: Calm and Neutral

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed by all the bright colors around me. Maybe I’m getting old. Or maybe it’s the onset of fall and cooler weather. Either way, every so often I like to step back from the vivid neons, deep, saturated hues, and loud primary colors. A neutral, calming color palette is what guided this little credenza re-styling. Read on to see how I did it.

I channeled a more minimalist, cool style to decorate our dining room credenza. Continue Reading

Styling a Credenza: Mid-Century Modern

MCM credenza - before Mid Century Credenza - after

This August we're devoting each week of the month to a different decor style or theme. This week, we're all about the mid-century modern (MCM) style. The clean lines, geometric shapes, and natural woods and metals make this style iconic and evergreen. MCM treasures are widely sought-after and coveted by collectors, making it difficult and pricey to get your hands on the real deal. 

The good news is you can achieve a MCM look in your home by mixing and matching vintage and modern pieces. Continue Reading

His and Her Nightstands: Styled Two Ways

It’s no secret that I love my bedroom. We went to great lengths to make it a special place, with vaulted ceilings, a statement-making headboard, and an eye-catching chandelier. Investing in big things certainly pays off, but to create a cohesive room, you need all the elements to go together, right down to the bedside tables. Your bedside space can make all the difference in a room. It’s a practical, necessary piece of furniture, that can be anything but ordinary. Continue Reading

How to: Easy DIY Gilded Fall Centerpiece

DIY Gilded Fall Centerpiece

Everybody loves to have a pretty centerpiece on the table, but who has the time to create a whole new centerpiece for every single season and every single holiday? I know I certainly don’t, which is why I came up with this solution – a beautiful gilded arrangement that only uses long-lasting elements that won’t die or rot within a week – such as faux flowers, succulent plants and uncarved pumpkins. Read on to check out the surprisingly chic final product.    Continue Reading

How to: Two Ways to Style a Modern Credenza

How to style a credenza

Everyone should have a credenza, buffet, or side table somewhere that they can style differently throughout the year. It’s great to have a space that is basically just sitting there, waiting for you to try out different styles on it. Think of it like a painter’s sketchbook; a place to explore design ideas that you might later develop more fully throughout your house.

This year, we were excited to participate in Sauder’s “Put Together” Design Challenge this spring, because few things are as fun as dressing up a piece of furniture and making it your own. Continue Reading

How To Style A Beautiful Bookshelf

How To Style A Beautiful Bookshelf
Photo: Zeke Ruelas

Bookshelves often end up being used more as a catch-all than a place to display beautiful objects and collections. But today we’re going to share some simple tips and tricks that will help you turn a boring old bookcase into a stunning focal point.    

How To Style A Beautiful Bookshelf
Photo: The Decor Fix

1. Vary the scale. By placing items of different sizes next to each other, your eye will bounce around from piece to piece, making for a more visually pleasing layout. Continue Reading