Make It: A Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed

created at: 11/01/2011

We’ve shown you how to turn suitcases into chairs and even picnic kits, but this might be my favorite vintage suitcase repurposing project ever!  


created at: 11/01/2011

As an avid dog lover and self-proclaimed “crazy Schnauzer lady”, I always get a little too excited when I see awesome DIY projects for pets.  So, you can imagine my enthusiasm (or can you? It’s pretty extreme…) for this stylish, retro-inspired dog bed created by Kathryn Ekloff from Mox & Fodder.   Continue Reading

How to Turn a Vintage Suitcase into a Chair!

created at: 08/24/2011

Remember Big Cat’s adorable vintage suitcase cum bed? Well…Kate’s chair is giving that kitty cozy a run for its money. Besides the fact that it’s as cute as a button, she also assures us that the chair is super comfy. For those of us already planning a trip

 to Good Will, here’s our supply list, which is surprisingly minimal: 

  • a vintage suitcase
  • 4 legs
  • 4 screw-on leg attachments
  • 1 piece of thin plywood
  • foam or pillows (to fit inside the suitcase)
  • fabric

To see how it all comes together, visit See Kate Sew. Continue Reading

How To: Turn an Old Suitcase into a DIY Picnic Kit

With the April showers (hopefully) slowing down in the next few weeks, it’s time to head outside for May flowers, and May sunshine, and May gardening, and May bike rides, and, if you’re like me, May picnics!

Curbly reader Sibylle wrote in to share this amazing old suitcase transformation she just completed, by turning it into a reusable picnic kit, or a Birthday in a Box!   

She says, “Oh how I got lucky at my last treasure hunt 3 weeks ago! Continue Reading

Clipped: Suitcase Chairs, Felted Ornaments and More

You might not have noticed Curbly’s amazing ‘Clippings’ feature – it allows anyone to log in and clip images from around the web and save them to their Curbly account (see below for instructions).

This month, our users have been clipping up a storm! Here are some of my favorites:

Suitcase Chair Felted ball ornaments

Les Choux des Creteil designed by Gerard Grandval

Amazing bookshelf dining room

awesome workspace

And you can even browse clippings by tag! Check out all the “Red Clippings”:

All the red clippings

Or browse through the “Holiday Clippings” to get some decor inspiration:

Holiday clippings - inspiration

Get Started With Clippings:

To use Clippings, just log in and select ‘My Clippings’ from the user menu:

How to get to your clippings in the user menu.

Then just drag the ‘Curbly It!’ Continue Reading

Turn vintage suitcases into side tables.

You know how sometimes you see an idea on the internets and think, ‘of course!’? Well…this is one of those times. Not only do these old suitcases make adorable and interesting side tables, they also provide storage for magazines, books, remotes and all that other flotsam and jetsam that  clutter our lives. They couldn’t be too hard to make either. Four legs and perhaps a plywood base–for added structure–onto which you attach the suitcase itself. Fabulous! Continue Reading