The Secret that Will Take Your Parties to the Next Level

Pineapples and party supplies

Parties are a celebration, and by default, they’re supposed to be fun. You can’t force your guests to enjoy themselves, so what do you do to make sure your get-together is a success? You’ll never throw a boring party again with this little secret. Are you ready?       

Give your guests something to do.

Yep! That’s it. And I’m not talking about party games (although those are fun too). The secret sauce to a guaranteed unforgettable party is an interactive element. Continue Reading

Jerry Rig an Extreme Slip ‘N Slide

created at: 05/26/2010

What’s more fun than a Slip ‘N Slide? Nothing. The only improvement could be that the ride lasts a little longer. Create your own version out of tarp, or watch this hilarious video that shows you how to jerry rig an extended Slip ‘N Slide with only a few materials. 

I thought young and old love Slip ‘N Slides.

created at: 05/26/2010



created at: 05/26/2010

Photo Images: TheMitchellBoys

You may still want to use tarp, but I guarantee you’ll certainly be making some sort of Slip ‘N Slide after you watch this. Continue Reading

Colossal Croquet Party

created at: 05/26/2010

If you’re planning a croquet themed summer party, crank it up a notch to keep your guests engaged in this otherwise low key lawn game.  You don’t have to go to the extent of the 2005 BurningMan Giant Croquet game, but you could create a hybrid of the game to appeal to your short-attention-span friends.  created at: 05/26/2010

This colossal croquet game took place in 2005 in the otherworldly, dry Black Rock Desert as part of the annual Burning Man event. Continue Reading