What is Swedish Death Cleaning? The Art of Mindful Minimalism

Swedish Death Cleaning 101

I got a text the other day from my mom. She was asking me if I wanted a collection of magazines that she had held onto from my childhood (if you're curious, it was a collection of  Cricket magazines from the late 70s). Then I got another text — my mom had found an old photo that she wanted to share with me. Then four more texts came my way, each containing a picture or memory of something from the past. Continue Reading

Shabby Chic in Disguise

created at: 2009-08-10

Am I crazy or isn’t Swedish Country just Shabby Chic tidied up a bit, pink fuzziness removed from the photographs and tighter fitting white slipcovers? From every photo and blog I’ve seen touting Swedish Country, it looks to me like Shabby Chic.Marketing decorating styles has become very similar to selling fashion. If it’s renamed and given a little twist, it can be resold to an entirely new demographic. For some reason this reminds me of the genius of Disney. Continue Reading

The Ikea StyleMeter.

The fabulous flatpackers at Ikea are here to help you. With nine ‘choose your fave’ categories, they’re offering to declare your design taste with the Stylemeter...at least in the three ‘styles’ they claim to provide. Apparently, I’m 80% Scandanavian, 20% Modern, and not a darn bit country. So, limited, yes, but fun, none the less. I wonder how “Stylemeter” translates from Swedish…

created on: 01/31/09