How to Make Authentic Oilcloth

Learn how to make oilcloth fabric

Why do they call it oil cloth? What is currently being sold in stores as oilcloth is actually made from cotton fabric covered with a petroleum-based coating. However, genuine oilcloth (the real thing grandma had on her kitchen table) is made from cotton, canvas, or linen fabric coated in linseed oil. The fabric can be dyed or printed before the linseed treatment, and the oil gives it a water-resistant surface. Genuine oilcloth (also known as oilskin) is biodegradable in a landfill. Continue Reading

Make This: Scandinavian-Inspired Hand Printed Tablecloth

Make This: Simple Swiss-Cross Patterend Stamped Tablecloth

Make This: Scandinavian Tablecloth

I can’t get enough of Scandinavian design, and I’m on the hunt for ways to bring this style into my home. The decor in my house hasn’t had a theme until very recently (unless you consider furniture inherited from past roommates a theme). Now that I’m almost 30 (panicked bells ringing as I type that), the items in my home are brought in with more intention. I love all things monochromatic, so the Scandinavian look fits my mostly-gray furniture perfectly. Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Graphic Print Tablecloth

Make It: DIY Graphic Print Tablecloth
photo: Haley Nord Photography

Do people buy tablecloths anymore? Everywhere I turn, there’s a new way to update an old or plain one. And this graphic print is stunning for sure! And was created with something you have in the kitchen!       


Make It: DIY Graphic Print Tablecloth
photo: Haley Nord Photography

Grab a bowl and some paint and make your own graphic tablecloth! Guests will love this modern take on a tabletop! Check out the how-to over on Let’s MingleContinue Reading

14 Napkins, Placemats, & Tablecloth Projects For Awesome Table Decor

14 diy table decor projects

I love a good tabletop. In another life, I would have liked to have been a place settings designer. If you’re into awesome tabletop decor too, here are 14 projects to help you entertain this summer!      


14 Napkins, Placemats, & Tablecloth Projects For Awesome Table Decor
photo: Design Improvised

1. Painter’s drop cloths are an affordable option and you don’t have to sacrifice on color and level of cuteness! via Design Improvised 

14 Napkins, Placemats, & Tablecloth Projects For Awesome Table Decor
photo: Katie Pritchard

2. You can never go wrong with a dip-dyed ombre tablecloth! Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Bubble Wrap Printed Tablecloth

Spruce up your Fourth of July spread with this subtly festive DIY tablecloth! It’s a cinch to make and fun, too!      

The playful pattern of this outdoor tablecloth comes from an unexpected source: bubble wrap! You only need a few simple supplies, including some craft paint in your color of choice and a plain tablecloth. Once you have everything you need, check out the full tutorial on Design Mom!

Continue Reading

How To: Make a Festive DIY Confetti Tablecloth!

created at: 02/16/2012

Whether it’s because I’ve got a birthday coming up or I just live life like it’s a party, I’m totally feeling this colorful DIY project.  I mean, it’s a confetti tablecloth, y’all.  What’s not to like??   

I love this project as a quick way to spruce things up for a birthday party or just as a way to add a touch of playful color to your table.  It’s a simple technique that you could apply to more than a tablecloth, though.   Continue Reading

Make a Party-Ready Bunting Tablecloth

created at: 08/20/2011

Who doesn’t love a good party? (You in the back, put your hand down and listen up.) This DIY bunting tablecloth brings the party. Birthdays, back to school, promotions – it’s a celebration the second you put in on the table.  

created at: 08/20/2011

This project doesn’t take a lot of materials, but it does take a little math and a good eye. Take your time, create it well, and this tablecloth is sure to be something you’ll keep on hand for celebrations for years to come. Continue Reading

Roundup: 25 Tabletop Textiles, Placemats, & Tablecloths to Die For!

created at: 08/17/2011

From modern tea towels to tassels to tie dye, we’ve shared some of our favorite kitchen textiles and related DIY projects.  Now it’s time to take that passion to the dining table with a roundup of some of the most colorful and unique table linens out there!   


created at: 08/17/2011

1. Räsymatto Napkins by Marimekko

2. Apples and Pears Table Runner by Lizalew Design

3. Numbers Runner from CB2

4. Mina Tablecloth from Anthropologie

5. Grid Placemat by Modern Twist

created at: 08/17/2011

6. Continue Reading

How To: An Easy Solution to Prevent Fly-Away Tablecloths

created at: 06/28/2011

I was at an event recently where the pretty outdoor tablecloths were blowing every which way in the wind, knocking over table settings and just being outright annoying.  The solution the hosts used was to tie the tablecloths onto the table, ruining the table staging.  Let’s face it, even those tablecloth clips break up the beauty.  I knew there had to be a solution!  So, with a few scrap pieces of fabric, I came up with a rockin’ remedy.   Continue Reading

The Trick to Sewing a 15 Bandana Tablecloth

created at: 05/20/2010

Vinyl tablecloth? Ick! This fifteen bandana cloth I spied on Aesthetic Nest is so much jazzier. Since bandanas aren’t exactly square, you have to do a little reconnoitering to get it just right. The step-by-step tutorial on has some of the best photographs and directions I’ve ever seen. All you need to is a sewing machine and fifteen square-ish bandanas. See how Anneliese handily dealt with slight un-squareness of these pesky bandanas.

created at: 05/20/2010

created at: 05/20/2010