Tea Time: The Best Ways to Store and Organize Tea

There are a lot of fall activities and flavors that I can take or leave, but one thing I get excited about when the summer heat subsides is tea. On a cool, rainy afternoon, drinking a hot cup of tea is wonderfully cozy. (I think I just realized why tea is so popular in the British Isles.) My growing tea collection was a mess until I figured out the best way to store tea. If you're a fellow tea-lover with an unruly stack of boxes and tins of tea, here are some guidelines and ideas for how to keep your tea organized. Continue Reading

DIY Some Self-Care: How to Make a Soothing Chai Spice Tub Tea

How to Make Chai Spice Tub Tea
Images by Marlene Sauer

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

No, I don't mean the Big C. My absolute favorite time of year is — fall!

Every year when autumn hits here in New England, my senses come to life. Crisp, clear air; leaves to crunch through; snuggly scarves; cozy lit windows on dark, chill nights; there are so many little daily luxuries to savor.

And this year I'm adding another one, which will also help in my goal of better self-care: DIY chai spice tub tea! Continue Reading

How to Make Your Own Boba & Bubble Tea!

created at: 08/26/2012

My friend Megan first introduced me to boba/bubble tea a few years ago during an impromptu visit to New York. (Her enthusiasm for this Taiwanese drink was unmatched and I’ve associated it with her ever since!) If you have a similar love for this tapioca-infused drink, take note: making it at home is super easy!    


created at: 08/26/2012

The “pearls” in bubble tea are just giant tapioca balls called “boba”. Making this treat at home basically involves cooking the boba and brewing tea. Continue Reading

10 Marvelous Examples of Tea Bag Art

created at: 02/23/2011

Have you seen Armén Rotch’s tea bag art yet?  (Pictured above if you haven’t.) They look a little like pixilated landscapes that, apparently, smell heavenly. After seeing them, and falling a little in love, I was wondering who else was making art using tea bags. Here’s some of the best I found. 

These first two are by Alejandra Villasmil. There’s something about their minimalism that I find soothing, kind of like a cup of chamomile.  Continue Reading

The Zipper Cup.

Zipper Cup

The modern interlocking zipper was perfected in 1914 by Swedish-born Gideon Sundback. “Sundbäck developed a version based on interlocking teeth, the “Hookless No. 2″, which was the modern metal zipper in all its essentials. In this fastener each tooth is punched to have a dimple on its bottom and a nib or conical projection on its top. The nib atop one tooth engages in the matching dimple in the bottom of the tooth that follows it on the other side as the two strips of teeth are brought together through the two Y channels of the slider.” Continue Reading

Impromptu Air Freshener for Small Spaces


created at: 2009-11-02

This exceptional hint originated on an airplane. In its bathroom. Here’s how the story goes: Recently, a traveller on a particularly puny plane noticed that the scent emanating from its one bathroom smelled pleasant, but not air-freshener-y. After a bit of investigating, the traveller found the source. Four tea bags were hanging on the back of the bathroom’s door. The flavor? Good Earth Spice Tea, but any pungent scent of your liking would do. Great idea for sweetening the air in a small space, no?  Continue Reading

12 Ways to Use a Tea Towel.


Studiopatro is a San Francisco design studio that creates amazing typographic, nature, and geometric-inspired tea towel. Their work is so beautiful you’ll want to do way more than simply dry dishes, and thankfully, they’ve offered twelve ideas to use tea towels in your life and decor.

  • Easy apron
  • Frame-able art
  • Line your tea tray
  • Protect your tender hands 
  • Dry fresh greens
  • Create a cushion
  • Give as gifts
  • Wrap as gift wrap
  • Line your bread basket
  • As a napkin or table cloth
  • As a placemat or table runner
  • Wrap a wine bottle

Check out the amazing photos of the suggestions here. Continue Reading

Ten Alternative Uses for Used Tea Bags.

tea bag

Once you’ve given your tea bag a dunk, you could head right to the compost bin. OR, you can give it a second chance with one these alternative options for steeped tea bags.

  • Soothe Tired or Injured Eyes
  • Flavor Your Meat
  • Make “Less Sinful” Drinks
  • Around-The-House Cleaner
  • Remove Warts
  • Deodorize Your Place
  •  Give Oral Relief
  • Sunburn And Acne Solution
  • Fertilize Your Plants
  • Show Your Artistic Side


Check ’em out here.