How to Make Abstract Art with Fluid Painting

How to make abstract art with fluid painting

Marbling is gorgeous on just about any surface. It’s the perfect way to decorate your home, your clothes, your walls, your cakes, etc., so I decided to test out a new way to make beautiful marbled art with fluid painting. You can make abstract art with fluid painting techniques using any regular acrylic paint, glue and water, and each piece turns out completely unique. Grab your favorite colors that match your home decor, and you’ll quickly have a piece of art to brighten your walls.         Continue Reading

How-To: Remove a Stripped Screw

created on: 01/07/09

Nothing bugs me as much as stripping a screw. While taking apart this weird and wonderful rocket chair, one of the soft metal screws just wimped out and lost its grip. See how to quickly remove the pesky piece of metal. I also realized how often there’s a mini-tutorial within a tutorial if you just look close enough.



Steel drill bit sized to either take out the entire ‘X’ of a phillips head screw, or small enough to drill right through the center post

Ply-grip or pliers

The Rocket Chair: (Future Upholstery Tutorial)

created on: 01/07/09

The chair is screwed together as separately upholstered pieces. Continue Reading