Have You Always Wished You Could Keep a Journal? Try This Technique.

Do you wish you could keep a journal? Try this technique called the Gratitude Journal

Many of us wish we could keep a journal. It's comforting (and handy) to have a personal record of your life to look back on. Journaling also makes you a more disciplined and mindful person, which I, for one, could certainly benefit from. Keeping up with the habit of writing something down every few days is nice in thought, but generally it's hard in practice. There's always an activity that's more important or interesting than journaling. Continue Reading

How To: Paint like a Pro

created at: 03/07/2012

Here’s the thing with painted and glazed furniture. It seems like it should be so easy. And since your goal is basically to get it to look like it came out of a barn, how tough can it be? Well, as I learned last weekend during my first furniture glazing attempt, it’s not exactly intuitive. But this tutorial should give you (and me) all the knowledge we need.

In the Fun Lane blogger Holly Barker has broken down her steps to achieving paint perfection in three detailed posts.  Continue Reading

Upcycle: Discarded Restaurant Chair Reupholstery

created on: 11/29/08

  If you can find a set of sturdy restaurant chair frames, with or without torn vinyl, negotiate a price and load’em up.  A local furniture consignment shop had these four stackable sturdy chairs in the corner of the basement.  I stripped off the black vinyl from the seats and the upholstered panels that make up the front and back of the seat backs.  To discover how to convert restaurant rubbish to kitchen table darlings….

Materials and tools:

  • fabric
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • 1/4″ staples
  • staple gun
  • small carpentry nails
  • small hammer
  • crescent pliers
  • screwdriver

created on: 11/29/08

What you do:

  1. Strip old fabric off of chair and wipe off all dust and cobwebs from chairs.
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How-to: Plotting the Knotty Pine Demise

created on: 08/31/08

I did it! A brain dump of everything necessary to complete this project in the most efficient and successful manner gave way to a tidy little To Do list.  This morning I did my research on paint sprayer rental vs. paint sprayer purchase and the decision to purchase won.  The promise of a $50.00 rebate on a $199.00 sprayer enticed me to buy instead of borrow.  I may bemoan this decision, but I knew I would have to rent a sprayer for at least two days @ $66.00 Continue Reading