How to Take Great Sparkler Pictures with Your Phone

Sparkler pictures - writing with light
Photo: Amber Dickson

Sparklers pictures are a fun and festive part of any 4th of July gathering.  Find out how you can document the day by taking long exposure photographs on your smartphone.  Your Instagram feed is going to shine!           


Sparklers in hands
Photo: Amber Dickson

Safety First When Creating Sparkler Pictures

The most important step is insuring your safety and that of the people around you.  Always make sure any children are closely supervised.  Sparklers can reach temperatures above 1800 degrees Fahrenheit and need to be handled carefully.  Continue Reading

It’s Time to Banish This from Your Bedroom Once and for All

Why having a technology-free bedroom will help you sleep schedule, you relationships, and your happiness

Each room of your home serves a specific purpose. The kitchen exists to nourish. The living room is there for relaxation. The dining room, for fellowship. And we don’t need to go into the details of what the bathroom is for. But arguably the most important room of your home is the bedroom. It’s your sanctuary, your safe space. It’s the place where you go to lie unconscious for 6-8 hours in order to function properly as a human being!  Continue Reading

Make It! A DIY Tabletop Phone Stand with Personality

DIY acrylic phone stand

Since I’m a self-diagnosed lazy person, I’ll admit it’s really nice to look at things on my phone without having to pick it up. It’s just soooo much work, after all! To prop up your phone while you work, sleep or browse, it’s nice to have a phone stand, but it’s better to have one with a bit of personality. This bright pink acrylic project definitely stands out as a modest but bright, statement-making DIY phone stand, and you can use any colored acrylic or plexiglass to make your own that fits your phone!           Continue Reading

The Best Smart Home Products for Lazy People

The Best Smart Home Products for Lazy People

Have you begun turning your home into a “smart home” yet? I have the pleasure of living with someone who is very invested in the world of smart home products, and he's always looking to try something new to make us lazier and lazier. Newsflash: it's working. We no longer get up to turn off the lights, we don't pull our phones out to play music and we don't even reach for the remote to turn the TV off. Continue Reading

9 Ways To Maintain Your Goals Using Your Smartphone

9 Ways To Maintain Your Goals Using Your Phone
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Now that January is over, most of the buzz about New Year's resolutions has faded away. But that's no excuse to let your goals fall by the wayside. There are lots of ways to use your phone to help you stay on track… so today I'm sharing nine of my favorite free apps that will help you maintain your goals now that we're well into 2018.   


9 Ways To Maintain Your Goals Using Your Phone

1. Sworkit – If you're on the hunt for an at-home workout app, this one is fantastic. Continue Reading

Print These! Autumn-Inspired Smartphone Case Designs

Fall iPhone Case Designs You Can Print

Where is summer running off to in such a hurry? Even though I'm a bit sad to see another season come to a close, I'm quietly giddy about the return of autumn. I can't help myself, I'm just so in love with the season. Big scarves, chilly breeze, pumpkin-flavored everything… it's hands-down the best season ever. While there are still a few weeks remaining until fall is officially here, I've got just the project to start you transitioning. Continue Reading

How My Family Lives Without Cable & Stays Entertained

How My Family Watches Television Without Cable

Heads up: this is not a post about how our family doesn’t watch TV. We are a busy family, like any other, but we do love to watch our favorite shows and sports. Instead, I want to share how our family manages to enjoy television with out spending a ton of money on cable TV service each month.

We decided to cut the cord nine years ago, and haven’t looked back. We’ve had to adapt our methods as networks and subscriptions have changed, but I don’t think we missed anything we have really wanted to watch. Continue Reading

Dress your Tech: Custom DIY Typographic Laptop Sleeve

DIY Foil Laptop Sleeve

Like many bloggers and freelancers, my laptop is my life! So having a cushioned laptop sleeve to protect it is really important whenever I travel with it. My boring foam laptop sleeve just needed an upgrade to feel more personalized, so I figured out this fun way to add some bold, graphic lettering to the front to really make it pop. 


DIY Foil Laptop Sleeve

The trick? Iron-on vinyl! It’s such a useful craft supply, and when I came across this rose colored foiled vinyl, I couldn’t wait to try it. Continue Reading

If An Ad Shows on A Website, And Nobody Sees It, Does it Still Make Money?

Billboard by Curbly on Instagram
From our 2015 Yellowstone road trip. Follow us on Instagram!

There's this billboard near the off-ramp I take almost every day on my way home from work, and it always makes me chuckle. See, the highway, at that point, has a pretty high sound barrier along the east side, which makes it impossible for anyone driving north to see more than about half of that billboard.

I drive by it, day after day, wondering what it might be trying to advertise to me. Continue Reading

My Favorite Organizational Apps that Will Get Every Part of Your Life in Order

My Favorite Organizational Apps To Get Every Part of Your Life In Order
Photo:  JComp

Apps are a part of our daily lives in so many ways – they help us get places, work out and they even remind us about appointments. And today I’m here to share even more ways that you can use your phone to organize every aspect of your life. Read on to check out my favorite organizational apps that will help you get your life in order.   


My Favorite Organizational Apps To Get Every Part of Your Life In Order

1. Wunderlist – I use this app more than any other one on my phone, hands down. Continue Reading