Make It: A DIY Latch Hook Rug

created at: 11/15/2012

Many of the projects we feature are quick, done-in-an-afternoon endeavors (which is awesome). But, sometimes you want something that you can pick up and work on over a period of time (like, say, the entire winter because what else is there to do*?). If you’re looking for a project to keep you occupied while you hibernate this season, I’ve got just the thing for you: a DIY latch hook rug!     


created at: 11/15/2012

This beauty will take a few weeks to complete, depending on how much time you dedicate to it. Continue Reading

Make It: Painted Patterned Pumpkins!

created at: 10/24/2011

These pretty painted patterned pumpkins (say that ten times fast!) are inspired by bold textiles like Suzani fabrics, Missoni, and traditional Indonesian Ikat.  While the source material may be classic, these pumpkins are anything but!  


Alisa Burke created these gorgeous painted pumpkins as a long-lasting and eye-catching alternative to traditional carved pumpkins.  While each pattern is unique enough to hold its own, I love the way they look all grouped together!  (Although, if I had to pick, the Ikat one is my fave–what’s yours?)   Continue Reading

DwellStudio Designs Available at Target.

I hadn't watched TV for almost three weeks. and the first commercial I saw when I turned it on featured some choice modern bedding and baby gear. “Who with such taste would advertise on the Food Network at one in the morning?” I thought. “Ikea? Room and Board?” Nope, Target.

Apparently the retailer has teamed up with DwellStudio for exclusive releases of bedding, a nursery collection, and kitchen/dining materials.

Grassroots Modern provides these links:

Baby Collection
Kitchen and Tabletop