Shopping Guide: 10 Textiles To Indulge Your Modern ’70s Side

Shopping Guide: 10 Textiles To Indulge Your Modern '70s Side | By Curbly #vintage #textiles #decor
Photo: Anthropologie

This just in… the '70s are back! Okay not exactly, but we've noticed a major trend lately – modern '70s style textiles are popping up all over the blogosphere. Think vintage but with a modern twist. We're loving this boho chic look, so today we're sharing ten of our favorite picks.   


Shopping Guide: 10 Textiles To Indulge Your Modern '70s Side | By Curbly #vintage #textiles #decor

1. Woven Janet Throw Blanket

This cozy looking blanket has all the fantastic '70s-style fringe you could ever want, with a slightly modernized color scheme. Continue Reading

How To: Mix Patterns and Textures in Your Home!

created at: 07/24/2012
Our living room has a pretty established color scheme which could quickly and easily get out of hand. To reign it in and keep things interesting, I try to mix in different textures and patterns! It’s not always obvious what will or won’t work, but I promise this approach will keep your decor looking and feeling fresh. Here’s how!    

Nicole Balch, the fantastic blogger and designer behind Making It Lovely, put together this awesome guide to mixing patterns in your home. Continue Reading

Ten Things You Can Do (Right Now!) to Brighten Your Home.

bedroom, light, draperies, white, ivory

Regardless of your interior style, you’ve gots to be good to show off your gear…and that means brighten it up. And with the days getting shorter, you gotta do your best to keep your space light and airy. Erin says: “As the evenings are turning darker earlier here in the Midwest, I’m craving every last bit of sunlight I can muster up. I suppose I have two options: Hop a flight to California and bask in the bright, sunny rays… or I can make do with what I’ve got. Continue Reading

3 D Wallpaper

created on: 09/09/08

Not only has Swedish designer Hanna Nyman created a 3 D wallpaper, it’s also interactive.  Once applied, you can peel back the parts you want to dangle from the wall to create your own version of sculptured art.  She has done these in contemporary colors and floral designs.  As you might expect, Hanna is a fan of origami and has melded her wallpaper designs with her beautiful paper lampshades.  These designs are so fresh, beautiful, and interesting, it almost makes me want to forsake my anti-wallpaper policy in order to enjoy this visual delight.  Continue Reading

Pebble Rug

Although the Pebble rug from 2Form Design may look like it’s made of real pebbles, it’s actually crafted out of 100% wool. Of course, if you have anything in the house that occasionally projectile vomits, you might want to choose a floor covering with less texture, ‘cause whatever gets between those pebbles is gonna wanna stay between those pebbles.