How to Go to the Movies for Less This Summer

How to get cheap movies tickets and save money this summer

It's summertime, which means bonus free time, if you're lucky. Going to the movies is a classic way to stay out of the sun while still having fun – the only issue is that outlandish price tag! I had quit going to the movies a few years back, because the cost of admission was higher than I was comfortable with. However, after learning different ways to obtain cheap movie tickets, and figuring out how to keep my costs low, I'm back to seeing flicks on the big screen. Continue Reading

DIY Backyard Theater for Cool Fall Nights

created at: 2009-09-08

Photo Image: Dave Banks

Don’t let these still, cool evenings of Fall go to waste sitting inside watching t.v. It would be way more fun sitting outside with some firepit action, smores and watching a movie with friends, even snuggling up in a blanket for a scary Halloween movie.  GeekDad provides a step by step tutorial for backyard diy-ers who aren’t quite ready to throw in the seasonal towel.

created at: 2009-09-08

Photo Image: Dave Banks

For the low, low price of $122. Continue Reading

A Peek Behind the Curtains: An Interview with Stephen Barikian

Recently, I had the opportunity to present a few questions to Steve Barikian, Assistant Prop Person of the touring company of Matthew Bournes’ musical adaptation of Edward Scissorhands. As you’ll see, to carry off such a production requires many heroes. One of which is Steve Barikian.

For those unfamiliar with stage productions, how would you describe the job of a props manager?

Well, actually I am the Assistant Prop person on this show; Andrea Sitler is the Head of the department. Continue Reading

Get Your Scissorhands, 25% off!


Edward Scissohards, adapted for the stage by Mathew Bourne. Hey Curbliers, here's your chance to check out Mathew Bourne's magical adaptation of Tim Burton's classic film, Edward Scissorhands, at the Ordway Center in Saint Paul.

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The show runs Tuesday, April 10 through Thursday, April 12 at 8 PM. Go to for details.




For a taste of how cool this show is going to be, watch this:   

The Most Awesome Home Theater in the World?

When Steve Jenkins was in the market for a new house, he paid special attention to finding a domicile that would have space for a home theater. And not just any home theater. He wanted something over the top with a capital OTT. He wanted “Las Vegas meets old-style movie palace”, and after 18 months that’s exactly what he’s got.

Visit Steve’s site to view a pictorial diary of the project. His FAQ’s should dispel any questions of his sanity, and after you peruse his list of reasons why he no longer goes to public theaters (besides having a kick-ass home theater in his basement) you just might empathize with this madman and maybe even envy him. Continue Reading